67: Just Two

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Her log of books is continually updated, always caught up on whatever book she's reading. 

Her last book in her 1000, she decides, will also be the last in a series. It makes it more of a final goal; more definitely complete once she's read it. Like it has an end, but at the same time a beginning. 

In April, she counts out exactly how many books she has left to read. Eighty-seven. 

She's extremely proud of herself for reading so quickly, as every year before this one she has only read 150. It still sounds like a lot. But this year, she discovers, she has read over double that. 

She reorganizes her virtual list of which books she plans to read as part of her thousand, so it's in the order of what she'd like to read first.

At the top of her list are all six of John Green's books, and she deletes The Fault in Our Stars as she closes the book, having finished it yesterday. 


The days turn to weeks, Autumn devoting her time to studying for exams, reading, and picking up her phone to text Adrian but then thinking better of it and setting it back on her desk to her right. 

May. She finishes her 1000th book slowly, savoring every word. She doesn't want it to end so soon, but simultaneously is excited to cross off her 13th goal. 

If she only knew how to finish off the last two. 

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