46: New Year's Eve

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As the clock ticks on, Autumn invites Adrian to join her for New Year's Eve. He brings a bottle of champagne, which makes her laugh. He admits that his mom wouldn't let him bring the alcoholic kind, so he brought sparkling grape juice. Adrian's mother was known for being a strict rule-follower by Autumn. 

They keep the news on, and at midnight on the dot, they raise their glasses. 


They smile at each other, and they hug awkwardly. 

The thought that couples usually kiss at midnight crosses both of their minds. 

Autumn thinks it's too quiet without her mother, just her and Adrian. She almost laughs when she tries to imagine what her mom would say about her having a boy over. But she's afraid if she starts to laugh, she'll start to cry. 

I made it, she thinks, to 2018. 

Happy New Year.

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