31: Oregon and Washington

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After some quite interesting and memorable experiences and tours through all sorts of different things in LA, the two are back on the road in three days. 

In Oregon, they visit some tacky tourist sites, including Crater lake, which is a shocking blue color. It amazes both of them that it could possibly be a natural color. The cliffs surrounding the lake are beautiful, though too high for Autumn to be willing to climb, despite Adrian's begging. 

That night, Autumn lies awake and lets a single tear slip out in the darkness of the night, when she's sure Adrian is asleep. 

What's the point, she asks herself. What's the point of doing all of these things if I'm just going to die?

She suppresses her tears and her cries, afraid that if she starts, she won't be able to stop, and that the tears will only turn into sobs. If they do, Adrian will wake up, and that's the last thing she wants. 

She only lets one tear fall onto her pillow and holds back the rest. Even though no one can see her, she still feels awful and somewhat guilty for crying. After all she's been through, why cry now?

She guesses it's more of a self-reliance issue. She has no one but herself to rely on for strength when she needs it the most. 

Now was not the time to let herself down. 

The visit to Washington comes and goes. They mainly stay in Seattle, where they visit the Seattle Aquarium and a music museum. Autumn loves every second, just as she has everywhere else so far.

She wills herself to forget her moment of weakness in Oregon, and doesn't cry over the pointlessness she feels about life again. 

The trip is almost over. 

But it definitely isn't over yet. 

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