49: A Role with a Cough

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"ADRIAN!! ADRIAN!!" Autumn shrieks, her tiny body jumping up and down in a state of pure adrenaline. She can't take her eyes off of her computer screen. 

She and Adrian had been studying for their midterms, to take place their first day back from break. He rushes into the room. 

"Who died??"

"They gave me a role!!" she squeals. 

He smiles, feigning surprise. "Really? Did they make a mistake on the list or something?"

She shakes her head with enthusiasm. "They said they reviewed my audition and decided that the only thing they didn't like was that I kept coughing, and that since it wasn't my fault they're gonna let me do it!! They said I was good other than that!!" Her grin is bigger that Adrian has ever seen it. 

"That's wonderful!!" he says, giving her a hug. It's probably all true, too, he thinks, but doesn't say it out loud. 

The readthrough of the script is the next day, which is their last day of break. They ride to New York again to collect the script, the music, and the notes they need. The filming takes place in a few weeks. They both agree that they'll worry about school when it gets closer. 

When they get to the studio, both thank the director and producers profusely. They flip through the script and highlight their lines, though most are either adlibbed or unison. 

The cast reads through, and they are given rehearsal and recording schedules. Ensemble has one rehearsal they have to attend, and three recording sessions. It seems fairly simple, as they're told to practice as much as they can when they aren't at rehearsal. 

"We only have to miss a week of school," Adrian mutters to Autumn as they read over it. "They won't even think we're ditching,"

Autumn smirks and coughs quietly. 

They leave invigorated, ready to practice their lines and have them memorized within a few hours. They practice almost the entire way home. 

So close, yet so far, from a complete life, thinks Autumn as they drive. 

But it sure as heck isn't over yet. 

She smiles to herself. 

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