26: Seven More States

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Adrian starts the car, expecting the engine not to start or something, considering what had happened in Kansas. There had to be something wrong with it; it was a tiny, old car. But it worked perfectly fine. 

"This car is legitimately immortal," he mutters when the engine roars to life. 

The two take off to see what next adventures lie ahead in the remainder of their journey around the States. July was just morphing into August, the temperature cooled from the storm but still immensely hot. 

They arrive in Nebraska to see another play, this time no match to Broadway but still a very impressive act with talented performers. 

Continuing North, they view Mount Rushmore, and ponder why only those four presidents were chosen to have their faces engraved on the side of a mountain. Washington was the first, so that made sense. Teddy Roosevelt made foreign policy advancements that altered the entire government, so he was understandable. Lincoln fought the Civil War to free slaves. Jefferson created the Declaration of Independence. Each president up there deserved it, yes, but what about the others? Where is John F Kennedy's face? And Andrew Jackson? Each president had their achievements, so why weren't they all up there on that mountain?

They travel northward to North Dakota, where they go horseback riding. Autumn gets a rambunctious horse that doesn't seem to know the difference between "walk" and "gallop." Though frustrated, Adrian laughs and Autumn laughs it off, too. 

Now at the Northern border of the United States, they head westward to Montana, where they observe more geysers at Yellowstone National Park. They then head South and marvel at all of the natural landforms in Wyoming. The Devil's Tower amazes Autumn the most, as it's the only one of its kind. If it were formed by erosion, shouldn't there be others? she wonders. 

They visit the Four Corners Park and cross the border to Colorado, and use it as their intersection after stepping across every border a few times. They view the Rocky Mountains from afar, then Adrian surprises her by saying they were going to climb a mountain. 

Autumn is reluctant. They hike uphill for about a mile before Autumn's breathing gives out at the thinner air and they have to turn around to keep from her condition getting worse. Adrian apologizes profusely, but Autumn is quick to forgive.

They go back to their point of intersection and cross to New Mexico, stepping on all of the states in between again. This time, they go to another museum, this one an art museum. Autumn wishes she were this good at art. 

Visiting every state, the fourth item on Autumn's bucket list, was being fulfilled more and more with each passing day. 

But that wasn't all that she was doing on this road trip. 

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