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She replies, smirking the entire time. 

"Hi again Jayson. 

How did you know my brother died in a bombing?

It's okay. You can trust me to not tell anyone, whatever your reasons are.


She sends it without thinking twice, not expecting any response.

But she gets one. 

This time, she's not afraid of what it will contain, but more accurately is hopeful that she's right, and hopeful he'll say so. 

She opens it. 

"It was a lucky guess, and a lot of people die in bombings, so I just assumed you meant...

Screw it. No use pretending anymore. You figured me out. I'm glad Mom and Dad raised you to be smart. 

How's Mom doing? She okay, after both me and Dad left her world? I miss you guys. 

I really do love your name. It starts with an A, which I suggested to them a while back so you would match Dad's first initial like I do Mom's. You look so much like her.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you right up front. I have my reasons. I'm sure you have lots of questions; feel free to ask. 

Love ya, sister.

-Jayson :)"

She starts fangirling like Liam Payne just emailed her. She did it! She knew he was alive! And he said he loved her, even though they hardly knew each other, just like a brother should. 

She composes a new email and stares at it, trying to choose which questions to ask first. She can't decide which she wants to know about more.

So she just puts them all on there. 


You're right. I have lots of questions. I hope you don't mind them all.

Where were you the past twenty years? Why did you pretend to die? Did you know about Mom? What happened to Dad? Why are there no pictures of you or Dad in our house anymore? Why name yourself Jaxson Prince? Do you ever miss your family? How do you make a living without finishing your college education? Why didn’t you contact Mom and Dad as soon as possible to tell them you were okay? Why didn’t you want to meet me? How do you have a memorial at the Oklahoma City National Memorial if they never found your body?

Thanks for being honest. Love you :)


She sends it, getting a reply within a few minutes. 

“After the bombing, someone at my college said he saw me die (which of course wasn’t true) and they called my parents to tell them the news. They cried, and I was afraid to return because they would be afraid of me. Though the rescuers couldn’t find my body, they assumed that person was right and made a gravestone for me anyway.

Dad... about ten years after the bombing (you were probably 4 or 5)... killed himself. I saw on the news his body being found under the bridge. Knowing Mom, she hid the pictures of us because she didn’t want the memories of us to depress her further. She’s sensitive like that.

Well, after spending 3 ½ years studying chemistry, I realized how many other people there were trying to do the same thing I was - cure cancer. I was never the best in my class, and in the end I gave all of my research to one of my best friends and said, “Hey, after this year I’m going to another college to change my major.” Which is exactly what I planned to do. I became an actor, which was a drastic change of career, but it was so much more fun than sitting around doing math equations and mixing substances all day to no effect.

I loved my name, Jayson, because of the random Y. By changing it to an X, I could correct myself while I was getting used to writing JaXson instead of JaYson on everything, and it was already a name. Prince just because I wanted to keep my initials. I missed you guys every day. I did want to meet you. I SO did. I just couldn’t. I was afraid. I was a coward. By the time that thought crossed my mind, Dad was already gone. If I had called Mom, she would’ve had a breakdown knowing that Dad died for nothing.

I’ve been living in an apartment in New Jersey, making a living by acting.

What about Mom? Is she okay? I didn't hear anything. What did I miss?

I would love to catch up on your life, as I've missed the past 16 years of yours. :)

I'm in a play called How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying at the moment, if you'd like to come see it. Maybe we can talk in person there. We perform next weekend.


She reads it again, and replies that she would love to come see his show. He sends her information about the dates and times of the shows, along with location. 

She knows there's something she hasn't yet said that he doesn't know. Something he needs to know. 

She adds it at the end of her last email to him. 

"P.S. You said you were working to cure cancer? That's pretty cool... Did I tell you I have cancer?"

It's good enough, she tells herself, and sends it. 

He doesn't reply. 

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