19: Florida

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They lug their suitcases into the hotel, which is sadly out of luggage carts. They plop their bags on the beds and head straight back down the stairs. 

Autumn knows Adrian won't tell her, but she asks anyways. "Are we going to Disney?"

He smirks at her. "Better." 

They reach the bottom of the flight of stairs and Adrian drives where the billboards point, not using a GPS. She wonders if his answer to her question is true or not, though, because he follows the signs pointing out directions to Disney World. She doesn't question it, though. 

He passes the Disney parks and keeps going down the road for a few miles. They turn into a parking lot, where they pass a huge globe with UNIVERSAL wrapped around the outside. 

"Yer a witch, Autumn," Adrian says in an attempt of a Hagrid-like accent.

They step out of the car, where Autumn can just see the top of the Hogwarts Castle. At the Wizarding World, they were. 

They explore the castle and dare each other to eat various Bertie Bott's beans. Autumn gushes over how perfect each and every building is, how much like the book descriptions they are, and how wonderful it all is. Adrian agrees, being a Potterhead himself, and loving it as much as she was. They attempt to speak in British accents the entire day. 

She wears out easily, though. She frolicks around for about an hour, before plopping on a bench. "I'm tired," she says in her accent.

"You shouldn't be!" exclaims Adrian Britishly, "We've only been here a few hours! Think of all we haven't explored yet!" 

She chuckles lightly. She rubs her neck, as it's starting to ache. She doesn't understand why, but then it dawns on her that her cancerous symptoms were most likely acting up once again. 

She stands, refusing to let it get her down. "Let's go to Ollivander's!"

And so they do. Adrian buys Lupin's wand, and Autumn purchases a personalized one, and they shoot spells at each other (whether they work on people or not - "Alohomora!" "Dissendium!" "Lumos!") until they run out of incantations. 

They end the day with some Three Broomsticks food and butterbeer, along with some Cauldron Cakes for the road. Autumn is fatigued, but doesn't mention it. She doesn't want the fun to ever end. 

They return to the hotel hours later, with millions of memories of fun stored in their minds, and on Autumn's camera. 

"I think this is one of my favorites yet," Autumn admits as they waste the night staring at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to overtake them. 

"Agreed," Adrian says. 

They say no more. Though Autumn had been feeling so tired while at the Wizarding World, as she lay down, she realizes she isn't tired enough to sleep, but too tired to stay awake. It's one of the most torturous states to be in, where you don't know whether to wait for hours for sleep to come, or just stop trying to sleep altogether. 

Autumn stares at the blank ceiling above her, reliving the day's events until Adrian's breathing to her left becomes slow and even. She closes her eyes and focuses on the shapes imprinted on the backs of her eyelids, trying to match her breathing with Adrian's. 

She doesn't even know she's fallen asleep until the sun breaks through the window and makes the room glow the next morning. 

Autumn opens her eyes first, the dim sunlight baking the room. She gets dressed and decides not to wake Adrian, though she debates it for a while. She isn't sure if they have more to do in Florida, so he can sleep in, or if they have a ten-hour drive to their next state that they need to get started on as soon as possible. 

She debates it in her mind for a few minutes before deciding that, if it were important he wake up early, he would have set an alarm. 

She occupies herself with her phone for an hour until she hears loud yawning coming from Adrian's side of the room. Without looking up from her phone, she greets him. "Morning,"

"Morning," he yawns. 

"What are we doing today?"

"When are you going to stop being so curious all the time?"

Autumn smiles. Of course it was another mystery. 

"Let me just say, you've already guessed it." he winks. 

She looks away from her phone at this. What had she guessed already? She hadn't guessed anything yet, had she?

She racks her brain, but comes up with nothing. She joins him in the car, and they drive down the same roads that they had the day before. 

Only, this time, they turn early. 

"Disney," she suddenly realizes. "Ohhhhhh!"

Adrian chuckles, parking in the closest free spot, which happens to be at the very very back of the lot. 

They walk together for about ten minutes as they get from their car to the entrance. It's a long walk, and they could have taken the tram, but they subconsciously decide not to. 

The day is comfortably warm, the sun striking their faces calmly. They use Fast Passes to their advantage and go on Soarin twelve times. They laugh every time. Autumn's shoe falls off while they're flying over the ocean during their second ride, and she screams, but Adrian only laughs harder when her face changes from terror to sudden realization that she isn't actually above the ocean and that her shoe is just on the floor. 

Once again, they spend a twelve-hour day riding what seems like hundreds of rides and eating all sorts of things their parents would never approve of for dinner. Autumn tries to avert her thoughts from her mother. 

The day flies by, and soon the alarm in their hotel room is screaming for them to get back on the road. 

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