57: Googling Jaxson

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The whole lover-versus-friend epidemic almost distracts her from her investigation of Jaxson. 


She goes back home determined to understand it all. She pulls up Google and searches "Jaxson Prince."

Nothing more than she already knew, like his role in the movie and other credits. 

She smirks, then googles "Jayson Paisley." She hesitates before clicking "Search."

She gasps at the results, not out of surprise but out of grief. The list of victims of the bombing are most of the websites. 

She closes the window before the tears threatening to appear fall out. 

She needs to contact him. 



Hastily, she fumbles with the computer and the internet until her email is pulled up. She goes into her trash, searching desperately for any sign of the original email giving the cast list and contact information. Miraculously, it's still there. 

She scrolls to the Ps, where she finds his email. She clicks on it, and a new window pops up so she can compose a message. 

She stares at the blank screen for a few minutes, not sure what to write that would make it not sound creepy. "Hey, you look like my dead brother, and I just really want to know if you know him." Because that doesn't sound morbid at all.

She sighs, wanting to impress him so he doesn't think she's a freak, but not wanting to make him feel bad for her either.

She writes a few sentences, then deletes them. Then writes a few more and deletes them. Eventually, she has a fairly good email.

"Hey, this is Autumn Paisley. From the movie. I just had a question.

I know this sounds really weird, but my brother died twenty years ago, before I was born, and I never knew him. My dad, though, had really blue eyes and a round face like yours, and it's been bugging me why you look so familiar.

I think my brother (his name was Jayson) would have looked like you, and by now he would be your age if her were still alive. I just was curious if you ever knew him.


She reads over her final message four times before sending it, trying to put herself in his shoes receiving this email. Her mouse hovers over the Send button. Her finger twitches and it clicks, making it send before she can change her mind.

Maybe, just maybe, he'll say that it's him.

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