25: Kansas

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The next morning, neither of them mention the day before. It's raining harder today than it has in a while. They change the subject to what would be the most disgusting flavor of ice cream.

"Gotta be Spinach," Adrian points out. 

"Really? I think Cheese would be pretty gross," Autumn comments. 

"Are you kidding? Cheese Ice Cream would be epic!!"


They head back on the road to their next state - Kansas. Adrian tells her that they'll be staying in a cabin that's isolated in the middle of an open, flat field. She loves the idea of being able to stare off into the distance without a thing obscuring the horizon. 

They arrive at the little shack at a little past two in the afternoon, though the dark, rainy sky gives them no hints of sunshine. Autumn is running low on books. 

Adrian opens the door for her, and Autumn attempts to turn on the light switch to no success. She gestures to the light switch when Adrian joins her with the suitcases, his dark hair now drenched in rain and stringy. 

He puts the suitcases down and wordlessly tries the light switch himself, as if it would turn on if the right person flipped it. He looks at it for a second, then starts to inspect every last inch of the switch and the wall surrounding it. Autumn rolls her eyes, smirking, and drags the suitcases inside. 

The light flickers for a moment, but then turns off again. The wind picks up, its impact echoing through the little shack. Adrian joins Autumn deeper inside the house, and finally, someone speaks up. 

"Do you hear that?"

Autumn listens for what Adrian had referenced, and to her it sounds like massive amounts of wind. She can hardly hear anything through its intensity. 

But then she does. It's faint but easily distinguishable. 

A tornado siren. 

They exchange a worried glance. Autumn asks, "Please tell me this little cabin has a basement,"

Adrian doesn't respond, his grim expression answering her. 

She rolls her eyes for the second time in ten minutes, sprinting out into the rain. She opens the car and rescues her camera. She snaps a photo of the sky, then looks to her left and sees the funnel, far away but terrifying nevertheless. 

"Make sure the light switch is off so the house doesn't catch fire or explode!" she shouts to Adrian over the howling of the wind. The greenish hue of the sky mixed with the buckets of rain falling out of it makes it hard to see him, but she assumes he can hear her. 

Within mere moments, she can hardly see a few feet in front of her, the rain is so thick. She conceals her camera in her coat pocket and runs in the direction of the cabin, slamming into Adrian on the way. 

"Let's do a loop around the house and see if we find a shelter!" yells Adrian over the wind. 

"Okay!" she screams. 

They take off, Adrian looping left and Autumn to the right. Autumn didn't know it was possible for the wind to get any louder. The rain is blowing almost sideways, pushing her forward. 

Her foot catches on something and she falls face-first into the mud. She has no time to worry about the mud or the immense pain in her ankle but instead feels around to where the object was she tripped over. She wraps her fingers around the cold loop and yanks, revealing a passageway. 

"ADRIAN!!" she shrieks, praying he can hear her over the screaming of the wind. "ADRIAN!!"

She lifts herself into it, hoping Adrian will soon follow her. She waits. 

She backs up into a larger space, which seems to have supplies for this exact type of occasion. There are candles, which Autumn lights gingerly, and a few cans of food plus a gallon of water. The noises of the weather are much quieter in the storm cellar, the only sounds sounding like someone attempting to whistle, only getting a sound occasionally. 

A minute passes, her anxiety growing with every passing second. 

Just as she can't stand it any longer and is planning to climb back up and find him, the door flies open. For a moment, she thinks the wind has blown it off, but then sees the faint outline of a man through the rain. Autumn moves out of the way, and he falls down the dark passageway, closing and locking the door behind him. 

"On the bright side," Adrian comments, taking in the cellar, "we don't have to worry about what happens if we have to live down here," 

This, despite everything that has been happening lately, makes her laugh. He hesitates, but starts laughing too. 

They sit on the cold concrete ground until it seems to be getting louder. Hail is smashing at the top of the trapdoor, making Autumn flinch slightly with every impact. 

After a while, they start to get cold, their wet clothing soaking them to the bone. Autumn wrings out her hair and her jacket, and Adrian turns his back and takes off his shirt, facing the corner. He wrings it out and slips it back on.

They wring out their clothing while still being modest to the best of their ability, leaving large puddles on the floor. Both of them sit around the cluster of candles in the middle of the room until things seem quieter. 

They listen to the peculiar sounds of the storm without speaking, but soon get bored and strike up a conversation as if this were an ordinary stroll down the road. 

"Are we still in Kansas?" Adrian smirks. 

She laughs. "No way, Toto," 

They make up their own little storm puns until things start to quiet down. Autumn dares to climb the ladder and peer out the door. 

She lifts it and pokes her eyes out. A glint of sun peeks out behind a cloud like it is also wondering if the storm is over yet and if it is okay to come out again. 

Autumn calls down to him. "It's sunny!"

He laughs, and follows her back up the ladder and into the sun. Off in the distance, she can still see the funnel escaping. She takes a picture of it as it runs away. 

Adrian nudges her, and she shifts her attention to him. 

He points to the shack. 

Or, more accurately, where the shack used to be. 

Autumn should be horrified. She should be worried, or at least think it's sad. 

But she bursts out laughing. 

When Autumn laughs, it's a contagious thing. "What's so funny?" Adrian chuckles.

"I... I don't know..." she chokes out between cackles. "It's just... a pile of wood!" And a new round of laughter begins. Adrian can't stop himself from laughing either. They rummage through the pile of splinters and discover their suitcases, which seem to be unharmed, and the car hasn't moved an inch, though somehow the windshield wipers moved. Intriguing. 

"What an interesting change of plans," Adrian comments idly. Autumn busies herself with taking pictures of the wrecked cabin and then the untouched car, giggling the entire time. Adrian strikes a pose next to the car, making Autumn's uncontrollable laughter renew. 



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