52: Questions

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The movie plays and ends. 

Autumn shakes her head free of her questions and enjoys the movie, trying to depict her own voice in the songs and laughs of the ten ensemble. All in all, it's an awesome movie, with both the plotline and the talent being very impressive. 

The credits roll through, the cast each pointing out loudly when they see their own names. Autumn sees hers and just smiles. 

Additional voices: 

Samantha Barks

Lindsay Fitzpatrick

Benjamin Hall

Mark Jones

Robert Madge

Carl Mason

Autumn Paisley

Jaxson Prince

Adrian Strickland

Marcia Thompson

She sees Jaxson's name under hers, and notices his initials. 


Could he be...?

The movie shuts off, and everyone claps. As they stand to leave, she taps him on the shoulder. 

Here goes nothing...

"Hey Jayson,"

"Hey," he says nonchalantly. Then he whirls around to face her, a startled look on his face. "Who are you?"

"I'm Autumn. Paisley. You're Jayson, right?"

He stares at her. "My name is Jaxson. I don't know any Jaysons."

She looks at him, trying to decipher his expression, but can't decide if he's lying or not. She fakes her way out of it. "Oh. Right, sorry. Jaxson. That was it..." Her mumbles trail off. He looks so much like she thought he would.

"I like your name," he says, "Autumn. It's pretty."

She smiles. "Thanks. You're name's cool too, with the 'x'," she returns the compliment.

They smile at each other and head off in different directions.

She wishes she could just ask one question and know she was getting an honest answer, but just doesn't know anymore.

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