15: The Next Six

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They spend a day or two in each state. 

After Vermont, they go to New Hampshire to spend the day zip lining. At first, Autumn is excited, but once she gets to the top, Adrian has to convince her it's fun. When she finally jumps, the harness catches her and she feels the adrenaline rush pulsing through her body. She grins, laughing and cheering as she goes. 

They next spend a day in Maine whale watching off the coast. Autumn takes her camera and hundreds of pictures even when she thinks she sees one when it's just the glint of the sun off of the ocean water. Adrian is better at spotting them when their tales poke out of the water. 

In Massachusetts, they visit Boston Harbor and some of the surrounding museums. Autumn and Adrian both somewhat of nerds (in the best of ways) they marvel at every last artifact and article.

The two spend a day at the zoo in Rhode Island, Adrian and Autumn attempting to imitate every animal, laughing until their sides hurt every time. 

In Connecticut, they walk along the shores of the East coast and collect seashells. The next morning, they wake up at dawn to see a sunrise on the beach. Adrian dares her to get her feet wet in the frigid salt water, and squeals when it laps at her feet. She drags him in with her and they splash water at the other, getting their clothes soaked but not caring, because they are too busy acting like children. They ignore the odd stares from parents of other families. 

When they are dry again, they drive to New Jersey and explore the Atlantic City boardwalk, where Autumn purchases a beautiful yellow-orange stone necklace embroidered with a silver Summer 2017 so she will always remember this summer. 

Autumn takes her pictures, one per day, like she had intended. Some are of the things she sees, some are of her or Adrian, some of other things she finds that are interesting and memorable.

So far, her list is getting more and more fulfilled as time passes. 


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