38: Life Span

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"You have about three months left."

The doctor's somber face scares her more than the words coming out of his mouth do. He was convinced she was going to die. 

"What can we do?"

"At this point, not much. The radiation we tried with you wasn't effective, and the MRI shows that chemo wouldn't take care of the problem. 

Autumn thinks. "Would surgery help anything?" She remembers that the only reason she didn't do it at first was because of her mother. She tries not to think about it. 

"It would help, yes, but it would be next to impossible to remove it completely." he says remorsefully. 

"I'll do it."

"You will?"

"Even though I'm going to die eventually, that doesn't mean I'll keep it from being longer if I can help it."

The doctor gives her a weak smile. "We'll schedule a surgery for you, then,"

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