35: Home Again

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The last day of summer break. 

It amazes her that it went by so fast. In three months, she had explored the entire country. 

In two days, she'd have to go back to school as a junior. 

Today was schedule pickup and orientation, so Adrian had timed their return well. She wakes at nine and walks over to the school. 

Adrian pops out of nowhere. "Well, long time no see," he says casually. 

Autumn laughs. "That was the best summer break of my life! I can't believe you planned all that for me! I loved New York. That was the best. No, it was probably Maine. Or Pennsylvania. Or Wyoming... Gosh, I can't choose! It was all so amazing and beautiful and..." she gushes. 

"Wow," he interrupts. "You've never been this talkative in your entire life!"

She giggles. "It's so cool, though!"

He smiles. "I thought so, too."

They get to the table where the schedules are kept for their grade levels. Autumn tells her name to the old lady behind the table. 

"Here you are, Autumn! I'm your Journalism II teacher! I can't wait to have you in class!" the lady says cheerfully. 

Yes, Autumn thinks, I got into Journalism II!

She smiles at her teacher and skims her schedule. She got her first choice electives. 

It's going to be a good year, with junior/senior lunches so she can sit with Adrian, and fun writing and English classes to look forward to. 

Adrian goes to her. "Anything exciting?" she asks. 

"Well, other than getting most of my second choices, not really," he says nonchalantly, though he looks upset. 

"Let me see," she says, and takes his schedule from him. "AP Chem? You're going to love that! And Engineering II, that's cut out for you!" She hands it back. "It's gonna be a good year, don't you think?"

The enthusiasm returns to his eye. "Yes," 

Suddenly, Autumn falls silent. She doesn't say what she's thinking out loud. 

If I get to live through it. 

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