29: Nevada

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"So," Adrian says. "Did you bring much money with you?"

Autumn doesn't look up from her book and nods after a second. 

"Good. I hope you're ok with wasting a little," Autumn can hear his smirk in his voice. She can't keep a smile from creeping onto her face. 

She closes her book at the end of the chapter and pulls the ratty paper from under the seat. It's folded twice to make four sections, She unfolds it to see which states were left. 

"Nevada." She raises an eyebrow at him. "Are we going to gamble?"

He puts on a guilty expression. "Maybe."

She suppresses a laugh, tucking the page back under the seat. 

"Only six more states," he says. "Worthwhile trip so far?"

Autumn nods vigorously. "Every second."

Adrian smiles. It's a real, genuine smile that Autumn hadn't seen from him all summer yet. She grins at it. 

They put their suitcases away in the hotel, but bring their wallets with them at the casino. Autumn and Adrian decide to pool their money, coming up with only a hundred dollars. They spend twenty on poker, and lose. They head to a game of blackjack, and both lose again. They try a game of jackpot, come in second, and get their money back. They go back to blackjack, with their final $40, and buy two separate games. Adrian is out first. 

Autumn has unbelievable luck. One by one, people drop out until it's only her and one other guy. 

"You must be my bad luck charm," Autumn says jokingly. "Go away,"

"Well, I feel loved," he says mockingly, and leaves for about thirty seconds. She smirks at her cards. 

Thirty seconds is all it takes. 

"Hit," she says, and the dealer hands her a card. 

She glances at what she has. 

A five. 

An ace. 

A three. 

She's feeling lucky. 

She flips up the card. 


She slumps, not being able to keep a pokerface. Her opponent lays down his cards. 

"18," he says confidently. 

Her face brightens as she does her math again. 


Her opponent swears under his breath and stomps away, shoving Adrian as he returns. 

"Wow," he says, "I thought you were kidding!"

"So did I," she admits, gathering her winnings. They travel back down the road with no more and no less than what they came with, ironically. 

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