My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 7*

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Okay so i had to sit through a torture filled night of watching a recital. A 4 & A HALF DANCE RECITAL!!

To top it all off i began to write this chapter and it all deleted blahh..

On with the story once again!!


I woke up to my alarm going off. It was a saturday morning. well.... i kinda woke up late but oh well it was a saturday like i said!

I have not been getting any sleep lately. I cant stop thinking about jace and how he could be so bad.

The whole entire first 2 weeks of him living with Tally he never did anything bad. Well besides have a different girl over every night. Still, even Tally herself said she though he had changed his ways. I could honestly say no. Not after what i seen back at the warehouse.

Today Tally, Taylor, And Greg were coming over and staying the night. They werent gonna be here until 7 so i had sometime to kill.

By the time i was done brushing my teeth, showering, eating, and throwing on jean shorts and a white tank top it was 1:30.

I decided i would go for a walk.

"MOM!!" i yelled walking down the stairs.

"Yes, Clarissa?!" i heard her yell back in a sing song voice from the kitchen.

I popped my head into the kitchen door to see her sitting there drinking her slim fast.

"Im going for a walk"

"Okay, please hunny dont forget about the dinner tomorrow with Tally and her family."

the thing was i did forget. I didnt wanna have to sit through Jace's "Ive changed for the better acts"

"I didnt forget mother." i said like i was happy to be having dinner with them

"Oh so you got yourself a new dress already?"

"Umm.... no?" i said.

"Well dont forget to pick one up then."

"I wont." and with that i left the kitchen grabbed my ipod and headed out the door.

I was welcomed by the hot air of the day. Walking to the stores only toke 5 mins. And i wasnt in any rush.

I turned on Earthquake by family force five.

And started my walk down the sidewalk.

When i got to 5th street i heard a noise coming from one of the abandoned houses. 5th street had some kind of sewline gone wrong or something like that. I never was one to care for details. Me hearing this noise though interested me because ever since i was little investigating was something i wanted to pursue.

So, i climbed up through one of the windows on the side of the house. When i got in i noticed i was in what use to be a bathroom. I could make out voices down the hall somewhere. I tip toed slowly down the hall to an open door. I peaked around the corner to see guess who?!?!

Yepp Jace and that bald dude man. They were talking very mean to eachother about something.......

"You owe me this Jace" The bald man said. "If they knew you were back they have you killed."

Jace killed for doing what?

"I know i know. So they know im out they just dont know were i am?" Jace asked curiously.

"Yes, they have been watching your family very closely though. Especially your sister."

"Soo.... They know her of... her?" jace whispered so low i could barley hear him.

Whos her i wondered.

"Yes, i didnt think it would matter until i seen her with you the other day." Yepp just had to be me.

"No.... I mean.. If they go after her i will have to kill them! " Jace growled.

"Calm down Jace.They wont get her.. They dont even know that you have a thing for her. How could they? They havnt seen you in a couple of years. So your lucky i was able to cover up that you were a cousin visiting. They will firgure it out soon though."

Before i could hear Jace's response i sneezed. Yepp way to be sneaky right!

I heard both guys go quiet and started to shuffle towards the door. I toke off in full out sprint!

I could hear jace yelling at me to stop. I rounded the corner to be tripped by someone and face planted on the ground.

I heard Jace stop a couple of paces behind me.


"Brent what are you doing here?"

"Hello to you too jace." The guy named Brent pulled me up off the grounded and turned me around so i was facing towards Jace.

I was in panic. This guy had me so tight it hurt.

"Let her go.. She did nothing."

"See the thing is Jace by the look on your face i can tell different." I could hear the smirk in the guys voice when i toke in Jaces face too.

His Face showed concern and love for me. Something i never seen on his face before.

"Just let her go"

"No can do the boss wants you and shes my ticket" Before Brent could keep on going about what he was gonna say, Jace threw a hard hit to the guys face. I could feel his arm loosen up on me and fly to his nose. Jace grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder.

He toke off running. Once outside he ran down 5th street to his black honda. He threw me in the passenger seat and climbed into the drivers seat. He toke off at 75 mphs. After i believe five mins of silence and driving he pulled into a pizza place i never heard of.

We got outta the car and sat at a booth in the far back, away from any windows.

"What did you hear?" He said while running his hand threw his hair.

So i told him what all happened and what i heard. The whole time i was watched his facial expressions change from surprised to anger to shock.

"Now tell me everything about you, Jace" I said sternly "Dont miss a beat."

I could tell i was in for a long long story.


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