My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 12*

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Guys im going on vacation tomorrow... So you know what that means.. Updates are going to be a mess.

Ill try my best to get a chapter posted during my vacation but who knows.

So I made this one extra you long for you guys because that's how much I love the fact that you read my story

On with it then!!!


Once Taylor and I got inside it was insane. The little girl was jumping on the couches throwing .....


Clary has been feeding her candy!!! Doesn't she know that that's the worse thing you can give to a 3 year old?!?!

Oh my, Clary defiantly got herself in a sticky sitituation. This would have been easier for her if her parents weren't in Greece for a week. I kind of figured she would need us for this either ways.

She knows nothing about little kids.

"Clary, You cant feed little kids candy! Especially so close to nap time."

"Yeah, now we have to make her tired."


Taylor busted out laughing. I almost thought he would start rolling on the floor in hysterics.

"Oh hunny, that's not what we mean. We mean we have to get her to be more tired by playing a game that uses a lot of energy."

"Like what, Tally?"

Taylor finally got up off the ground and stared at the little girl. I wonder what he was thinking. So I just stared at her too.

She was cute.. But familiar looking?

She had auburn hair.... And Hazel eyes that looked like Jaces. Heck she looked a lot like Jace.

My brother having a kid? That is probably the most humorless thought I have ever thought about.

She did remind me of him.. Weird?

Taylor talking broke me from my thoughts of this little girl looking like Jace.

"Hide and Seek!! That's what we can play!!"


"Hey, you don't have to talk so loud and what is her name?" I asked.

"Emma Rae" Clary said looking carling at the little girl.

When did she become so involved with little kids? I've known her almost all of my life and never has she liked a little kid as much as she does this little girl.

*Clarissa's POV*

As I spoke her name and looked at her... All I could think about is I need to learn how to be a respectful well trained mom. If they even have training for a mom? If not they should... Maybe that's how ill help support her and Jace. Start my own mom training place. Ha-ha what am I thinking? That's so stupid! ....Or is it? I got to get a control on my thoughts... they are so weird.

"Emma, you want to play hide and seek?" I said raising my voice to catch her attention. She stopped what she was doing and stared at me for a little bit.

"You sure she understands you, Clary?" Taylor asked.

"shh... Wait she's very smart. She understands a lot. So please don't baby her."

"Yes lets play." She said in her adorable sing song voice of hers.

We decided that Taylor would be it first since well of course he was the guy, gay or not.

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