My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 9*

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After we got done eating our pizza we got back into his car. After he said I was aloud to go meet his daughter the conversation died down... I didn't know what to say and neither did he. So silence was the best solution. It wasn't awkward and that was great. We both were to busy inside of our minds thinking about things. Probably on similar topics.

Once in the car, I couldn't help but to keep glancing at him. Jace a cold hearted douche has a kid. Well, I guess I couldn't call him that anymore. It was all just to keep everyone away. So no one got attached. It was so he would never have to hurt anyone he cared about. Even though I forgave him for everything. I still couldn't get over the fact he had a kid with that red head. Which reminds me....

"Are you still with the red head?" Yes, I broke the silence. J Go me!

"Jamie that's her name, and no im not with her." He said all of this while looking straight forward at the road. So I couldn't read his face. I trusted him even to tell me the truth though. Since he did tell me about his daughter, who I cant wait to meet.

"Then why is she always over?"

"Jamie has a way of doing things. I meet her back when I was in the gang. We kind of got together for one night. The thing with Jamie is she's a whore. Always wanting sex. So when I accidentally got her pregnant I didn't want her to give it up. I wanted the kid even though she didn't. She told me that she would keep it as long as I gave her what she wanted when she wanted it. So that's why I still have her around. I need to see my daughter."

"Oh I see....So tell me about her." I said watching him. His face seemed to soften. I believe like I said he was facing forward.

"She's turning 3 soon. She has auburn hair that comes to her shoulders with bangs and she has hazel eyes like me and she's the most amazing daughter anyone could ask for." He said.

While talking about her Jace had a huge smile on his face the whole time. It was insane to see this hard tough guy I grew to know look so soft and vulnerable.

"She sounds like the luckiest kid alive, Jace" I smiled at him and he finally looked over at me.

He had such care and love in his eyes, that at that moment I knew I wanted to be with him. Today he let me see the most amazing side of him. Even if I only knew him for a couple of months I still knew that he was the one. My best friends Delinquent brother was the guy I wanted to be with.

"I love her. She's at her grandmas house right now. I get to have her live with me when I get my own place. That will be soon."

The rest of the way there we talked about random things. It was nice not to talk about something serious and to tell you the truth I was excited to see his little girl.

About 10 mins later we arrived at an apartment complex. We walked up 3 flight of stairs and stopped at a door label 54B. Jace knocked on the door. And a couple of seconds later.....

We were greeted by the most ADORABLE little girl ever.

And as soon as she seen Jace her gorgeous little hazel eyes grew so big. She opened her arms wide and jumped up into his.

For awhile I just watched about the greatest two people to ever enter my life hug each other.

There was no other kind of love as strong as the loved shared between Father and Daughter.

If I had a camera on me I would capture the moment and savor it forever.


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