My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3*Chapter 18*

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I could feel someone staring at me.

But who?

Maybe it's Jace!

As his named popped in my head I shot my eyes open and sat him in bed. I looked around the dark bedroom to see no one.


I looked over at Emma who was still sleeping peacefully. Her hair plastered to her face and she was sucking her thumb.

It is very hot in this shack. I got up and turned the fan up higher.

As I was about to walk back to my bed I heard a creek.

"Hello?" I asked just above a whisper.

I waited a few seconds for a reply but got nothing.

I started to walk down the hall into the living room where Tally was sleeping.

I walked over to the couch to see her there... still sound asleep.

It's an old place maybe that's what caused the sound.

As I started to go back down the hall, I heard a loud crash!

A cup fell... I guess?

I found Tally's gun on the table and grabbed it.

I walked to the kitchen with the gun raised.

"Come out I have a gun! And I'm not afraid to use it" ha-ha. That was fun to say.

As I rounded the corner...

There was a guy... Standing there with his hands up in the air. Like what you see on those cop shows.

From behind I could tell he had a jacket on and he was wearing black pants. That's all I could make out since it was very dark.

"Who are you?" I asked my voice shaking... I was scared. I'm not use to any of this.

He didn't answer. Maybe he speaks a different language?

Right when I was about to speak French, he spoke.

"My name is Matt."

"Stand still. I'm going to turn on the light. If you move one inch ill shot you." I said with a lot of confidence, when really I was scared out of my willies.

I moved to the light switch with the gun still pointed at him. My eyes never left him either and I hit the switch.

"Okay, turn around."

He did as I told him. Once he turned around I gasped.

He was very handsome.

You ever watch the TV show house?

Well you know Doctor Chase?

That's who he looked like. Except he had a scar on his left check.

His blue eyes glistened once he seen who I was.

"May I know your name?" he asked me.

I gulped before answering... everything about this guy was hot. Including his voice.

"Clarissa... My name is Clarissa." I said stupidly.

My heart was racing as he walked closer to me. What the hell is going on?

"That's a pretty na-"

"What are you doing here?" I cut him off before he could finish his sentence.

"Collecting... things."

"What things..?"

Next thing I knew the gun was out of my hands and into his.

"Up against the wall, with your back facing me."

I did as he said. I didn't want to be shot today.

He grabbed my hands very roughly and tied them behind my back. He walked me over to a chair and tied my legs to it.

"Okay be good and stay here, while I get the others.

Ten minutes later he walked back into the kitchen with Emma over his shoulder and Tally on his left side.

With her head hung low.

He put Emma down and untied my legs.

"Let's go" he said grabbing Emma again and pushing Tally and I.

Once again I pose the question to myself...

What is going on?



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