My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 21*

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I'm soooo sorry this chapter toke me so long to write. I've been so busy with everything. I've been exhausted lately with soccer and twirling.

Some people have asked me if I got my names from the mortal instruments series and yes I did. Lol. I fell in love with those names when I read the series.

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After I got Matt settled down and done crying he was finally able to speak.

"So what has you so beat up inside?" I asked him leaning forward in my chair.

We war e seated in the living room. Me on the big red comfy chair and him on the matching red couch.

"A lot of things." He said avoiding eye contact by looking at his hands.

I got up out of my seat bent down in front of him and picked up his chin.

"Let me listen please. You have to let it out to someone." I said in a gentle voice. I wanted him to confide in me for some reason.

"Okay... Well it all started back when Jace came into the gang." He said looking back down. I got up and moved next to him placing my hand on his back.

"My dad loved him more than he loved me. Jace was perfect always doing everything right. I myself couldn't do half of the things Jace did. I was clumsy and weak. I always felt unwanted by my father. This went on until the day Jace left. I remember walking in on my father sitting at his desk crying like he just lost his only son. Which I was... but if you really thought about it they were more like father and son. I remember him looking up at me and saying I must avenge jace for what he done. I promised him I would... since it was the first time he wanted me to do something important. After that day he was my father again. I never wanted to lose that again. So I did everything he asked. Everything. I killed tons of people. For what? Nothing at all. I'm a horrible person. I hate Jace but I don't want to kill him..." He trailed off with tears streaming down his face. I could hear the lump in his voice.

"Its must have been horrible." I said... almost crying myself. I get emotional easily.

"Yeah... I don't want to take you guys back." He said grabbing my hand and surprising me."I feel comfortable with you."

"Oh..." I said blushing.

What was I suppose to say? I'm not going to let JAce ruining another thing for him.

"I want Jace back... and Brent... for Tally and Emma you know?"


"They can't live without him. Help me get them back."


"Make something right in life."

"I will." He said getting up and pulling me with him running to the stairs.

"What are we doing?" I asked running a little to keep up so he didn't start to drag me.

"Going to wake up Tally and find someone to watch Emma. We are going to save Jace and Brent. Even if it kills me."

I smiled to myself knowing that I did something great for this guy.

He was nice and... I kind of like him.


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