My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 13*

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I woke up in an unfamiliar place. The place was dark... it smelled so damp wherever I was.

Hey wait where am I?

The last thing I remember was I dropped Emma and Clarissa off at her house and then...

And then what?

What did I do.....

I went... to.. The park?

Yes the park... and then....

Ahhhh fuck! What is wrong with my memory.

I closed my eyes and concentrated.

A bat hit my head very hardly. That's what's wrong with my memory. Why though?


I watched as the two most wonderful things to walk into my life went inside Clarissa's house.

I started up the car and went off driving to any other place then her house. They were watching me and I couldn't be seen anywhere near her house. They'd figure it out sooner or later and I have to think of something.

I decided to drive to the park downtown to help me think.

Once I arrived it was starting to get late and dark. It didn't bother me though I was stronger than most people and the dark doesn't scare me.

I walked along the path that was crowded by trees and bushes.

As I started to think about everything, I heard rustling in the bushes.

I snapped my head to left ready to prepare myself for whatever was making its way towards me. As I looked on into the trees and bushes, I got to lost in my mind to notice him

Him behind me with a bat.

*****End of Flashback*******


That stupid asshole!!

Where am I?!

I looked around the dark room. I could make out chairs and desks. An old school?? I guessed.

As I was looking around a piece of my hair fell into my face as I went to push it back I noticed my hands were tied.

I went to go and try to pull my hands out of the tight ropes that were holding them the lights came on.

"You wont make it out of here Jace." I heard Brent say and I snapped my head to the right. He was wearing all black and was taking off his gloves while he talked to me.

"Yes, I will! Don't under estimate me" I growled through my clenched teeth as I watched him come closer to me.

"Jace, have I told you that I just love how your little sister curls her blonde hair" He said while sitting in a chair across from me. " Or how much I love the way she moans my name"

Him and Tally?? WTF! No he's lying!!

How could he go for her?! How could he go that low and play with her heart like that!

"What the Fuck are you talking about?!" I screamed at him while pulling my hands so hard that started to feel the rope cut into my wrist.

"I'm talking about me and your sister together.... Having sex" He purred as he winked at me.

"Your lying!"

"I am not a liar Jace!" He said with a gleam in his eye.

"I can prove it!"

With that last sentence he got up and left the room.

No explanation at all to what he was talking about.

An hour later he entered again....

He wasn't alone this time either.

Brent walked up to my chair and smiled at me. He got down on his knees and stared up at me!

It was kind of awkward I must admit and it made no sense.

Next thing I knew he was untying my feet from the chair.

The other person grab a hold of them before I could even process me kicking Brent in his pretty little face.

I roared at the sudden hope that dwindled down into nothing but shame at how slow I was. It was because the hit I took to my head.

Brent and the new guy pulled me into a lightly lit room.... And in the corner stood....


Her blonde hair curled and hung just right her shoulders. Hard to believe she was my sister half of the time we didn't even look alike.

Her Blue eyes landed on my Hazel ones and she smiled.

Why was she smiling at the fact I was captured? Captured by people who were trying to kill me.

"Jace, my older brother.... You are in for a great and amusing surprise of your life." She said so smoothly without hesitation unlike her usual caring hesitant self.

What is going on her?


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