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Flutter ✔ by Cr4vinz
Flutter ✔by Cr4vinz™ || I Chose God 🌬
Wes Roman, the big bad billionaire sitting in a tiny seat with his two year old son at a kids restaurant Beeze Simmons, the shy clumsy waitress who just happened to spil...
  • ceo
  • romance
  • billionaire
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Fake wife of a Billionaire by supriyak334
Fake wife of a Billionaireby Supriya Kumari
I worked four part time jobs daily to pay the loan that my father took. My life was smooth and busy until one day a cute two year old boy came running up to me and hugge...
  • wife
  • kid
  • hate
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A Little Bit of Sunshine (MxM)|√ by Anonymous_Summers
A Little Bit of Sunshine (MxM)|√by Summers
Xander is your typical business man. A boring one with little to no excitement in his life. One rainy day after work he happens to stumble upon a little girl on his fron...
  • lgbt
  • kid
  • rain
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Adopted By A Gang Leader (Under Editing)  by noragamiey
Adopted By A Gang Leader (Under noragamiey
Ace is a 11 year old girl who joined a gang and almost died from a shooting. She thinks life can't get any worse until a gang leader adopts her from an orphanage, he's r...
  • daughter
  • adventure
  • adorable
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One Piece Boyfriend Scenarios by AcesFuckingCrazy
One Piece Boyfriend Scenariosby αяιєѕ
♚On Going♚ !!!NO MORE CHARACTER REQUESTS!!! I really dont see many of these so I decided to make one! •••Keep in mind I never seen all the episodes so if I mess up don't...
  • boyfriend
  • mihawk
  • kid
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Soul Eater OneShots by JadeTheMeister
Soul Eater OneShotsby Jaded_Echo
Just some oneshots of our favorite Soul Eater characters and ships.
  • dtkxreader
  • maka
  • soma
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 Mistake? by babygirlashtynnn
Mistake?by ashtynnnn
Read It ?
  • singers
  • love
  • treyandjazz
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Avengers Oneshots by Me13Clue
Avengers Oneshotsby Me13Clue
So Stan Lee R.I.P so credit to his amazing-ness in creating this greatness of MCU! Yeah so it's mostly Spiderman/Peter Parker Requests are always welcome, sorry if I do...
  • brucebanner
  • peterparker
  • spiderman
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The Misfit Fallen. ✅ by the_misfit7896
The Misfit Fallen. ✅by Annu7896
A Wattpad Featured Novel. (July 2017) _________________________ "Why did you appoint me?". She asked him which made him stop on his tracks. "I don't think...
  • romance
  • wattys2017
  • acceptance
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Behind The Scenes by winx1348
Behind The Scenesby emma rose
Every once and a while you meet someone who throws a wrench in your plans. A person who messes with your heart and your mind, until one day, you find yourself falling ho...
  • college
  • singlemother
  • hidden
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As You Are (Camren) by kinbee34
As You Are (Camren)by kinbee34
Camila: WHO IS THIS?
  • band
  • fifthharmony
  • music
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Kid Quotes by nightwraith17
Kid Quotesby nightwraith17
Since I work with kids six days of the week I decided to make a book for all the funny things that happen
  • reallife
  • hilarious
  • truestory
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His Son(Jikook)[Book2] by RapMonnieDance
His Son(Jikook)[Book2]by N!kk!
Book 2 Book 1: Ice Prince [Started: July 19, 2018] [Ended: July 25, 2018 ]
  • jikook
  • cold
  • kid
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Joker's Ghost by lillilycutie
Joker's Ghostby Anika Elizabeth
Danny Fenton/Phantom never thought being a kid could be so hard. You get to sleep, play, get barely any homework from school. All good things right? Wrong. After fightin...
  • young
  • kid
  • joker
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Moving On Without Her {DTKxReader} by Phantomhive_Butler
Moving On Without Her {DTKxReader}by Natsu Dragneel's Mate
Continuation of the fanfiction 'Secrets and Lies' When you finally wake up after being in a coma for two years, you learn that Kid has fallen in love with someone else...
  • soulevans
  • kidxreader
  • deaththekidxreader
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Safe Haven by Lelemaa
Safe Havenby Lelemaa
One day Jay Halstead found a baby outside the 21st district. He discovers his father's feelings for the little girl and wants to raise her. It's a story in chronologica...
  • willhalstead
  • halsteadfamily
  • haileyupton
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Chasing The Forgotten  by anne_luvs
Chasing The Forgotten by Anne
"I didn't give up on us, you did." After 4 years since that fight that sent everything spiraling downwards, Mackenzie is finally thrusted back into her real l...
  • volleyball
  • sad
  • baby
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the Angry Girl by MIonthia
the Angry Girlby Astrid Anamsteel
some things are better off unsaid but they were tossed in my head so i decided to scream. then the shrill contorted into flowers; rainstorms; words of similar sounds, al...
  • life
  • thoughts
  • friend
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Limerence | Death The Kid x Reader (Was 'Secrets and Lies') by Phantomhive_Butler
Limerence | Death The Kid x Natsu Dragneel's Mate
Was "Secrets and Lies" ---Currently being rewritten, chapter by chapter--- When _____ _____ seeks training from the DWMA in order to control her power and star...
  • soul
  • eater
  • souleater
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Reborn in Detective Conan by TwilightSilver
Reborn in Detective Conanby SilverStar ( S.S )
This is a story about a girl who died because of Truck-san AKA Accident. She thought that she was finally going to Heaven but NO~ God just had to be mean and make her...
  • shinichi
  • detectives
  • police
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