My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother <3*Chapter 8*

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Before he got to his story, the waitress came over and asked us for our order.

I could see her checking out Jace. Hey who wouldn't he was very very very hot. It made me jealous though..

She was pretty too. With her blonde hair and long legs. Blahh.. To pretty if you ask me.

Jace looked up and smiled his award winning smile at her.

"A medium pepperoni pizza."

She scribbled it down on her note pad. "and to drink?"

"Pepsi for me and....?" he looked over at me waiting for a reply.

"Pepsi for me too." and with that the waitress walked off. Thank god. I could have swore she was eye raping him.

"Okay before I start with my story, I need to know that you wont judge me."

At that moment I could see it in his eyes. Jace had been hurt so may times and it showed. Who knew someone that was such a jerk could feel something besides Hatred.

"I promise, Jace."

He glanced me over once before going on with his life story.

"Well when I was 15, I got involved with a lot of drugs. This lead me to a gang. The gang was like my family. Since my real family wouldn't accept me if I told them I did drugs. Once I got with the gang though it was like they understood me. So I stuck with them. I stopped doing drugs a year after I was with them. At first the gang just started out doing stupid stuff. A couple of street fights, taking cars and things like that. Two years with this gang... they turned dangerous Clarissa... They began to kill people to get what they wanted. I was their best fighter. They wanted me to hurt people.. I just wasn't going to do it. So I got out of the gang and left this state. I did this by getting caught stealing a car. Now that I'm back the word has gotten out. They will do anything to get me. Anything. I need to leave again and soon. I cant have them hurt my family."

He told me his story very quickly only glancing up at me every so often. Believe me it was a lot to take in.

My life was now in danger. I could be killed....What have I gotten myself into? I didn't know what to say, so I just asked one more question.

"What's the deal with the red head?"

He stared in shock at me.

"What does it matter?"

Before I got to answer the waitress walked over with our pizza and Pepsi. Toke her long enough I have to say. Before she left she gave Jace a smile and glared at me. Geez, jealous much?

I toke a drink of my Pepsi and said "I don't know I just noticed you liked her a lot."

I saw him hesitate before he answered my question.

"She's the mother of my child..."

Once he said that I knew my jaw dropped and I was speechless. He had a KID?!?!?!

Jace of all people had a kid.

"Do they know?" I asked after what had to seem forever to him.


Get ready for it!!



After I told Clarissa my story, I could see the shock on her face. I thought she would get up and run from me. Instead she asked me the most shocking question of my life.

"What's the deal with the red head?"

I looked her over before I said anything. As soon as she asked this her forehead crinkled up a little bit and it looked like she was in deep concentration on finding out the answer.

"What does it matter?

Before she got to answer the waitress who had been checking me out brought our order over.

She smiled at me and glared at Clarissa. It was quite funny. I could have swore Clarissa would stick her tongue out at her. Unfortunately she didn't. Instead she looked back at me and answered.

"I don't know I noticed you like her a lot." She drank some of her Pepsi.

I didn't know how to answer. Or even if I wanted to answer. How would she take knowing she was the mother of my kid? The kid that I loved with all of my heart. I decided to dive into it. If I wanted to be with Clarissa.... Not that im saying I wanted to...Err umm... Whatever so I liked her!! I have no clue why though. Either ways I had to tell her sooner or later.

"She's the mother of my child.."

As soon as I said this her jaw dropped. If she didn't run out before now was the time she would. Instead she shocked me again by staying. She was amusing to watch. Her facial expressions would change as she thought. It was cute though.

"Do they know?" Not the question I was expecting either.


"Can I meet.. Umm..."

"Her. She's a her. Her name is Emma Rae." I smiled real big and as soon as I did. Clarissa smiled. "And yes you can meet her."


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