My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 17*

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Hey guys I'm sorry that my spacing is horrible and the last couple I wrote. Lol. I bet the story seems short.

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I walked into the little shack that no one knew about.

Well I knew Tally did. I also knew this would be the place she would take the two girls to.

I'm not stupid. That's why dad sent me out. He knew I was keeping an eye on Tally for him. She always had something weird about her that none of us understood.

She was his sister though. Him... Jace...

The guy who ruined my father's life the day he left. I told him I would kill that guy no matter what.

I would be the one. Good thing we had him back at the base captured again.

Now were going to torture him. Torture him with seeing his daughter and girlfriend. Even his own sister hurt and messed up.

He would be driven mad.

Once I was in the shack I shut off my mind babble.

I looked around to see I was in the kitchen.

It looked nice actually with a fridge and a sink with a counter made out of marble.

In the middle set a table with 4 chairs. It also had flowers on top of it.

Tally did spend a lot of time here.

I walked into the living room where I saw tally asleep on the couch. Which was facing towards a TV and a stand made out of glass. On the right was a book shelve with tons of old dusty books on it.

To the left she had a shelf full of photos of friends and family.

I walked over to the sleeping Tally and looked down at her.

This woman... girl... teen...

Was a great friend. A friend that I wanted to keep forever.

No matter how I thought she was hiding something.

She messed up and she had to pay. Just like her brother.

Things run in the family I guess...

I nudge her a couple times and she didn't wake up.

She was a heavy sleeper.

I walked down the hall to the bedroom.

When I walked in I seen two sleeping figures.

One a little kid. Who looked a lot like Jace it was insane.

The other... a girl...

The most amazingly beautiful girl I have ever seen!

How could anyone want to hurt this amazing creature? I thought to myself.

I.... I couldn't do this...

I can't turn these people in.

What am I thinking....

Its wrong..


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