My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3

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I knew my best friend for quite sometime. I believe it was 6years. I meet her in 6th grade.

I believed that i knew every single thing there was to know about her.

Little did i know she was covering up a huge secret.


It was the first day back to school. It was my junior year. I walked down the halls i was so familiar with.

My name is Clarissa Ann Young. Im 17 and i am egyptian. So i had tan skin.

I have Dark Brown hair with hazel eyes that everyone loved.I was skinny but not sickly looking. I guess i was attractive? I was part of the popular crowd but i wasnt a whore. I was actrually very inexperienced with everything involving boys. I know hard to believe since i was a cheerleader and a junior. I had a couple of boyfriends in the past but not alot.

Every year the first day was the same you would get your schedule at the door and go to your homeroom. From there they would give you your locker number and then you would go through your schedule like a regular day.

So after i got my schedule i headed to my homeroom. Room 108. when i arrived i was happy to see a familiar blonde sitting at a desk talking to a familiar boy.

"Hey Guys, How was your summer?" i toke a seat next to my little blonde friend.

She looked up at me and smiled. She had a great smile i must admit. I always thought she was prettier than me.

My Best friends name is Tally Lee King. She is 17 and caucasian. She had tan skin because she tanned and Blonde hair. She had light blue eyes. She was skinny just like me and was also a cheerleader.

"Clary, you ask stupid questions we were practically together the whole summer" She laughed.

"Well then miss smarty pants i guess the question was more directed towards our lovely friend Taylor. So Taylor whats been going on?" We both stared at him intently and he started to laugh.

" You guys are completely weird. I was with you also!!"

Taylor Scott Anderson was very goodlooking. He had Dark brown hair with the biggest brown eyes ever. He was also 17. He is caucasian like Tally. He was naturally tan though. And was very built. The only down side to this hot looking friend of mine was that he is gay. And He was also one of our male cheerleaders.

We both laughed at this and said at the same time "WE KNOW!!"

thats when we all bursted out laughing. but then Tally stopped and we both looked at her with a questioning look.

"I have to tell you guys something that i havnt told anyone. I know you guys are my best friends but i felt embarrassed to tell anyone about him. I thought i could avoid this but i cant no longer." She said.

we both were so confused. We kept looking back and fourth at eachother then to her. she was making no sense at all.

"Guys i have a brother who is 19. He is a delinquent. Hes been in an out of juvie since he was 13. Hes finally coming back home to live with us. And i figured i would have to tell you guys since your always over my house." And with that last sentence she finished.

"WOAH!! wait what!?!? Thankx for telling us Tally!!" Taylor said upset.

"Its okay taylor . She didnt need to tell us i mean if shes a ashamed of him we shouldnt be mad at her being upset that she was related to someone like him."

"Thankx clary. I just didnt know what to do about the whole sitituation."

We both hugged her and thats when taylor said something that i didnt even think about until he said it.

"Soooo.... When do we get to meet this hot juvie brother of yours?!?"

"Ewww gross Taylor!! last i seen him was when he was 14!!! and i was 12! And hes not hot!! I also have no idea when he gets home.

Now can we please shut up about this so none of our other "Friends" find out. Man if they knew they would be over my house trying to do tons of things with my brother. Since half of them are very slutty!"

"Yeah we seriously need to keep this on the down low for a little bit." I said.

And with that the bell rang for first period.

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