My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 2*

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The first four periods of the day flew by fast. I had none with either one of my best friends.

So when lunch finally rolled around i was happy to finally get to talk to the two of them.

I walked into the lunch room and found the table with all of my friends. Taylor and Tally were sitting on the end. Good because i really wanted to keep talking about tallys brother. I bet hes a complete ass. I mean if youve been out of juvie all of your life it would only make sense. Poor Tally.

"Hey guys, i was just thinking about you know the secret. I think we should really continue talking about it." As i said this i sat down next Tally.

"Okay what do you want to know?"Tally whispered just enough for just Taylor and I to hear her.

"Well like is he gonna be over your house today? If so you do know Taylor and I are coming over for us to practice on our cheers"

"Yeah, plus we wanna see this hot juvie brother of yours" Taylor wagged his eyebrows as he said this and i giggled. Tally didnt find it as funny as i did.

"Ewww, Taylor please dont!! I know for a fact he is not gay! My parents said that he should be over today but they are not very sure the time and if he is even coming. All i know is it will be sometime this week. The later the better i say. Now please lets drop it before everyone gets suspicious about what were whispering about down here." With that she took a bite of her apple.

"Hey Tally, Clarissa, and Taylor, After you guys are done eating go get ready for the prep rally were having today. I had Rachel put your new uniforms in your new bags in the locker room. Enjoy and be ready." Makayla our captain said. She smiled her pretty white smile at us and flipped her hair as she walked away.

Makayla Nicole Bohna. She was our captain as i said. She is 18 and a senior. She had long Auburn hair. And green eyes. Needless to say she was the biggest whore in our school. Sleeping with every guy possible. She even tried for taylor once and come on hes gay!! The only reason were friends with her is because she is our captain plus shes really not all to bad to talk to.

*****5mins later******

Me and Tally were in our very skimpy uniforms. Of course Makayla would get us new uniforms that showed our stomachs and barley covered our butts.

Our school colos are black, gold and white.

As we made our way out on to the gym floor we heard tons of cat calls and whistling. Figures i just hate douche bags of guys.

"You ready for this clary?" Tally whispered to me with a smile plastered on her face.

"Oh for our fantastic routine?!" I said with sarcasm in my voice.

Tally just laughed at me and we got into our positions.

Makayla turned on the music and we began our routine.

******After the pep rally******

After the pep rally i climbed into the drivers seat of my car while tally threw her stuff in the back and climbed in the passenger seat.

We still had our uniforms on since we didnt feel like changing.

So of course we heard guys whistling and everything still at us.

"OH MY!! GET OVER IT YOU HORN DOGS!!!!" I yelled out my window.

The guys just looked away.

"hahaha, your so mean Clary."

"Am not! I hate how guys look at us like were pieces of meat. Like come on!!"

Tally buckled her seat belt and i started to drive to her house.

"I like it sometimes. The attention is always fun to have."

"Yeah i guess. Plus these uniforms dont help. We are pretty darn sexy in them" I bursted out laughing.

"HAha, hopefully my brother is not home yet. He would probably drop his jaw at seeing us. I hope he is not over protective of me."

"I hope hes not there!!! Man i cant stand another guy to stare at me. well... you know? And Hes been in and our of juvie i doubt it if he even cares."

"Yeah i hope."

Tally only lived 5 mins from the school so it didnt take long to arrive at her house.

Tally's parents were wealthy. They had a 2 story house but it was still very big inside. Alot of room.

When we pulled into the driveway i seen a blue jeep that i have never seen before.

"Oh my hes here!!!" Tally yelled.

2 mins later i found myself walking up her stairs to her house before we got to open the door. A gorgeous guy pulled it open and smiled big down at us.

"Tally, My little sister!!"


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