My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 5*

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As i could almost feel his lips on mine they were gone. And i opened my eyes to him holding his stomach on his bed laguhing at me. AT ME!!!

"WHAT THE FUCK!! ASSHOLE!" i yelled at him while picking up a pillow off the floor and throwing it at him!

That got his attention because he stopped laughing, and gwaked at me in amazement. Geez, i know im not the type of person who looks like they would yell at someone. the fact is that i was embarassed about how bad i wanted that kiss.

I just looked at him wating to say something. Instead he said nothing. So i stomped my feet down the hallway and left his room.

By the time i got back to Tally's room i was in a much better mood.

"Geez what toke you so long?" Tally asked.

"Had to go pee." I said and sat down on her bed. I tossed the can of pepsi to her, which she caught with ease.

"So how about i know something you dont know!" She jumped on me and started laughing She seemed so excited.

"What is it? And get your fat ass off of me." i laughed while i smacked her ass and she hit me. i loved having a bestfriend who didnt take stuff like that seriously.

"Taylor texted me telling me that he meet a guy!!"

Taylor had been searching for a guy for i think 3 weeks. He never really commited to finding a ..... gay lover? i guess you can say. He was always so nervous. We tried helping him out and everything but it never worked out.

"Who?!" I yelled at her while standing up and jumping on her queen size bed. Wrinkling he purple blankets.

"The new kid! i guess he moved right in to the house next to Taylors! We get to meet him tomorrow."

"YAY!!" i yelled and she joined me on the bed jumping up and down. She had the remote to the radio in her hand so she turned on our favorite song of all time!!

Mike Posner- Cooler than me

That night i stayed over Tallys house. I fell asleep not thinking of what happened with Jace but about how me and tally need to get a guy ourseleves.

******NEXT DAY*******

When i woke up. Tally was already up putting on makeup. She had on jean shorts and a red tank top on. OH and her cowboy boots. Yep, Tally is a country freak believe it or not. She has always been. She even toke the time to curl her hair. She looked cute though. It was like her own personal style.

"Hey, sleepy head." She said to me. She turned around in her seat and smiled at me. "I picked out some clothes you can wear! Remember you told me i can dress you the next time you came over. Thats why im up so early i get to do whatever i want to you!"

Crap, i forgot about my promise to her. Oh well she has nice fashion sense. Hopefully nothing country for me though

After Tally was done i looked in the mirror.

I looked wonderful. She dress me in a white skirt with butterflys on it and the top of the skirt was gray It came mid thigh. She had me put on a white tank top layered over it a blue top and then a cream colored jacket that was short sleeved and button twice by my stomach. She gave me a gold necklace with a butterfly on it. She gave me high heels that were a cream color also.

My hair had great waves in it and looked very full. I looked great.

"Tally i look great, and i was thinking about something..." i trailed off while advoiding eye contact.

"What is it?"

"Well i was thinking maybe we should put ourselves more out there. And maybe get a boyfriend. So we can go on dates with Taylor and his new guy friend."

"Sounds great."

And with that Tally grabbed her cow girl hat and we walked outta the room.

I honestly believed I wanted a boyfriend. But then again i felt something towards Jace. And the thing is i knew it was wrong. i didnt even know him. Plus he was my bestfriends brother. i needed to get closer to him.

How though?


Okay i promise i have an idea. I just have to work up to the idea. And you will find out more about jace's horrible past life. Like i said just gotta work up to it. So stick with me please.

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