My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 11*

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When I was little I remember telling my parents I hated them for not having any younger siblings for me to play with. Now sitting here with a 3 year old I was kind of happy they didn't.

"Play with me Clar-iss-a" Emma said. She had troubles with my name.. She was catching on though.

She kept grabbing my hand and trying to pull me over to the toys.

It had only been 5 mins since we been at my house. She was already bugging me.

I was in the process of trying to call my two best friends.

"Hold on Emma, I got to make a couple of phone calls. Go watch TV." I pointed to the TV while pulling at my cell phone.

Emma started up at me for awhile while trying to do the puppy dog face. She was so cute, but I had to do this.

Finally she gave up and went to the TV.

I decided that I wouldn't lie to my friends.. I just wouldn't tell them the full truth.

I called Tally first. She picked up on the third ring.

"Hey, Tally."

"What's up, Clary?"

"I need to cancel tonight with you and Taylor."

"oh.... Why?" See I knew she would ask that's why I came up with an excuse.

"I have to baby-sit my neighbors kid." Ha-ha! It was great and wasn't a lie. I was babysitting a kid.

"Clary, now im scared...for the little kids life." I laughed at her.. She's so mean.

"Now why would you be scared for her life? I've never watched a kid, you should be scared for mine."

"That's exactly why im not scared for your life. You can barley get dressed without me. Ill come over and help. I'm sure Taylor wouldn't mind also."

Okay when I thought up my plan about going about this whole excuse I didn't think she would say this. But could it hurt to allow them to help me?

"Umm.. If you really want to."

"Yeah, ill call Taylor and we will be over soon. "

"Okay then..."

"Oh yeah, Clary before I go.. I want to say, Please keep the girl alive until we get there." Before I could say anything she hung up on me... Great... I have about 20 mins before they get here.

20 mins of taking care of Emma by myself.

I turned to Emma to see her sitting on my bed watching....

The Hills?!? WTF!

What the little kid watches The Hills?

"Ummm... Emma you want to watch something else.. Like Elmo?"

"This is what mama watches. What's Elmo?"

What little kid didn't know Elmo but knows The Hills?

"Umm... here." I flipped to the channel with Elmo on and sat down beside her.

I swear it was only 2 mins into the show that she started complaining about being hungry.

So I picked her up and carried her down stairs.

"What do you want?"

"Do you have an apple?"






This went on forever with her just naming fruit. My parents haven't went shopping...

"I have.... A Hershey bar!!"

"A what."

"Here just eat it."

*Tally's P.O.V*

We arrived at Tally's house in about 25 mins since I talked to her.

Taylor didn't know what to wear. Hey gay guys like to look nice, even if were only going to a friends house.

I rang the door bell. After 5 mins of standing there Clary opened the door....

She looked horrible. Her hair was sticking up in places. Her shirt was covered with... paint?

And I the background there was a little girl bouncing off the walls.

Okay well not literally but she was jumping up and down on the couch.

After taking the whole mess in that was going on in the background... I looked up into Clary's terrified eyes.

"Help me!!" She whispered at me and Taylor busted out laughing..

What has she done??


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