My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 3*

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Hey guys i hope your liking it :) i tend to write at night. but i have this horrible sunburn!! So please everyone take my advice and wear sunscreen and dont be stupid like i was. lol okayyy onnn withh the story!!! :D


"Tally my little sister!!" The gorgeous guy said with his amazing smile.

"Well i guess i cant call you little anymore huh?" He said looking tally up and down.

"Ummmm,, Jace? Wow is that really you?" Tally asked.

"The one and the only. So enough of the chit chat introduce me to this hot friend of yours over here"

Once he said that i could feel my face flush. I felt exposed. He kept checking me out and my uniform was not helping me out at all.

"Dont even think about it jace." Tally said as she pushed through him and walked inside to her living room with me in tow.

"Awe come on sis. You know me? I gotta have what im not aloud to have." He said this and winked at me.

I just rolled my eyes.

"My name is Clarissa. Everyone calls me Clary. And im your sisters best friend." As i told him this i got a text from Taylor.

Taylor- Hey sorry cant make it to practice our cheers gotta do some shopping. Dont take her brother all for yourself ;)

Clary- Ewww gross. And okay see you tomorrow

"Taylor is not gonna make it. Umm sorry to ruin this little thing here. But can we go upstairs Tally?"

"haha. Sure see ya jace."

When we got upstairs i jumped on to tallys bed. And Tally went to her computer to check her facebook.

The whole time i couldnt get her brother outta my head. He seemed jerkish but man was he hot.

Jace Michael King. Hes 19. Unlike his sister he got his father side. So he has light brown hair It wasnt long like skater hair but it was not short.. Hazel eyes and amazing bone structure. He was probably 5'11 give or take. Where i was only 5'4. He was built but not overally built and he was tan. He had one amazing smile with straight teeth.

Tally broke my thoughts.

"Hey do you mind going and getting us something to drink?"

"Sure what you want?"

"Ummm, Pepsi"

I started to walk down the hall when i heard noises from a room that Tally never aloud us in.

So outta curiousity i opened the door to see what was going on. BIGG MISTAKE!!

There on the bed. Im assuming Jaces bed. was him on top of a girl making out. Good thing they werent having sex.

I bet they were close to it though. I hurried up and turned around... Just not quick enough.....

"Hey!! Woah woah! Stop right there."

I turned around to see Jace smirking at me. With his shirt off!! wow... i glanced at the girl who quickly grabbed her clothes and gave me a dreadful look.

"You red head out."

I watched the girl get up and leave without a word. Then i looked at jace who ran his hand through his hair.

"Like what you see?" i didnt know i was staring all that long. When i came outta my daze i seen him smirking at me.

He got up and came closer to me. Man was i scared.

"Umm... i really need to go and get these drinks soo...." i tried to slip out the door.

"Ohno you dont. You messed up a beautiful thing that was about to happen." He said closing the door.I backed up to the wall as he kept walking towards me.

I was pushed up to the wall as far as i could. He put his hands right above my head and lowered his head to my height.

"See now the thing is, You owe me. And i will get what i want out of you at anytime. That means i have one request and when i request it you must do it.Got it?"

"No you cant do that jerk!!" i pushed him away. Here i thought i was strong.... i was wrong. Because he just grabbed me by my shoulders and pinned me down on his bed.

"All you had to do was agree Clarissa. If you dont accept ill tell my sister and the whole school a lie. A lie so bad it will hurt you." He said with a smirking forming on his face.

"okay...." I said scared. And with that he got up off of me.

"Get out!! And next time knock!!"

So i left his room. thinking about what he could actrually do to hurt me. I knew he wasnt bluffing about what he said. And it scared me. But at the same time my heart was beating so fast because of how close he was. What is going on with me?


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