My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 22* :)

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Tally was so confused when we busted through her door. Me smiling and Matt looking like he was ready to kill an army.

Matt found a house keeper to watch over Emma while we went and saved Brent and Jace.

I was as happy as a fat kid getting to eat cake. The thing was something felt wrong. Something in the air I guess you can say.

I know it don't make a lot of sense... but I knew something bas was going to happen tonight? What? I'm not sure... and I really don't want to find out.

Then there was also the fact I thought Jace was dead. OR he was in need of a medic.

Then there was Brent for Tally. I felt he was safe. He seemed like the type of person who could get out of anything. Weather it was through talking or hiding.

I watched as Tally equipped herself with tons of guns. She put them in places I would have never thought to put them. Don't take that the wrong way though. She was dressed in all black and so was Matt.

Matt, who kept staring at me, had not only guns but knives. This whole thing got me thinking why am I here? Never in a million years did I think something like this could happen to anyone, let alone me.

Matt left the room, while I was too distracted by the things Tally was taking. Gasping at everything she pulled out of the closet that matt had everything in.

So when Matt came in with another black suit outfit thingy and little guns that looked like they were easy to use, I was a little taken back when he plopped it all down into my lap.

"Wha-t are these for?" I asked still trying to get over my surprise.

Across the room by the closet I saw Tally stop and look over. She looked surprised to, well that is until it turned into anger and she stomped across the room to Matt and I.

"She can't be put into danger, Matt! Jace would kill me! Plus she has no idea how to kill someone, let alone us a gun!" She said her face turning red like a lobster.

I watched still in my own little daze of confusion as the two fought back in forth. Tally was throwing her hands in the air, frailing her arms like a wild woman. While Matt was calm and collected. Almost like he was bored with the fight and that he knew he would win either ways.

Which in the end he did.

So five minutes later I was dressed in black, with weapons hidden everywhere.

I felt like I was working for the FBI or something.

After I was dress, we started our long journey back to the place we left the people we loved.

The whole time walking there I could feel Tally staring at me. When I would glance over she would just stare. I could see she was worried about me... but I felt that I had to do this. I had to be the one who saved Jace. I'm defenseless. I'm not dumb. I can do this! And I will!

It toke us two hours to get there. When we did I felt my stomach drop. This was going to be an insane morning.

The game plan was Matt would go in first. He would check to see if everything was clear. He told us there was 3 ways we could go. Tally suggested we should spilt up and I was a little confused about that again. Not to long ago she didn't even want me coming. Maybe she finally figured I'd be able to do it.

So that's exactly what we did. We went three different ways.

As we walked into the building it was very eerie. Like the whole place was abandoned or something.

We walked down a narrow hall to the three way split off.

"Okay ill go left, Tall right, and Clary straight. Got it?" Matt said.

We both responded with a nod. We had to be very quiet. Stealthy like.

"Good luck" Tally said while hugging me. I could still see the worry in her eyes. Weather for me, Brent, or Jace I didn't know. It might have been for all of us.

I watched her go down the hallway. Then I turned to Matt.

"Thank you for everything." He said kissing me on my cheek and walking down his hallway.

I turned to the front to face my own dark hallway. I was all alone. This was my time. My time to not back down. I could to do this...............

I descended into my dark hallway to meet my fate.


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