My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 20*

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I found a black dress in the closet. It was exactly my size. Weird if you ask me.

It was very very pretty though. It came right above my knees. It was a just a simple black dress though.

I walked down the hall wondering what he wanted me for at 4 in the morning.

Yeah I had like 2 hours of sleep. He woke us up around 10? I think back at the shack. Maybe..? I don't know I don't have a watch.

Either ways... what could he possibly want... with me?

I don't remember him telling Tally to come down in a certain matter of time. Maybe he went back to her room and told her.

Once I reached the stairs I descended slowly listening to downstairs.

I couldn't hear anything, but at the bottom of the stairs was Matt... Gaping at me.

"Umm, is this okay?"I asked stopping at the bottom step gesturing to my dress.

"Yes, come on" he said grabbing my hand and taking me by surprise.

He led me to the dining room, where food was set up all along the table.

Where is Tally? I wondered. I bet she's hungry too.

"Where is Tally?" I asked him.

"She didn't want to come down"

"You sure?"


With that we sat down to eat.

It was awkward at first.

But he started to ask questions five minutes into it.

"You and Jace together?"

"Not really... it's difficult."


"I don't want to talk about it with someone I don't know."

"You don't trust me?"

"Why would I trust you?" I asked staring at him with wide eyes.

"Because you should." He said looking down at his food.

"You take me, a little girl, and my best friend in the middle of the night. Forcibly! I do not trust you and I'm going back up to my room." I said slamming my hands down on the table and pushing my chair roughly against the ground.

"No please!"

I heard him say and I turned around to see... a hurt... young boy... Someone who seemed afraid and worried.

Someone who didn't seem like a killer. He seemed normal.

Just a normal guy.

But who is he?

Who is this guy?

I stared at him for awhile before walking over to him.

I stood in front of him looking into his blue eyes.

Then I surprised myself by hugging him.

He began to cry into my shoulder as his grip tightened on me.

I patted his back...

"It's okay..." I whispered in a soothing voice." Everything will be fine."

What am I doing?


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