My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 14*

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I toke in my sister after a few minutes of just staring at her.

She was in all black just like Brent with boots that came up to her knees. She looked awesome if you asked me like something out of a movie or comic book.

But back to the point. MY SISTER!! Yes my sister was working for the bad guys...?

Wtf! I need answers and I need them now.

"Ta-Tally..." I said finally able to make out words. She just smirked at me and nodded her head.

She strutted over to me coming close. She pulled out a chair from behind one of the tables and motioned for Brent to get me one.

He pushed a chair behind me and slammed me down into the seat.

"Okay, Ask me. Because I know your dieing to know answers." She said while leaning forward and resting her head in her hands. Her eyes had that crazy glint in them that I usually saw in Brent and their gang leader.

"What...What's going on? Your working for them? Since when...why?" I asked the smirking Tally that I didn't seem to know at all.

"That's a lot of questions at once Jace. You sure you can handle all of it?"

She waited for me to reply but I knew it was a rhetorical question.

She sighed heavily and began her story of....


"When you got sent to juvi mom and dad went crazy. Throwing a fit about how you need to be protected and didn't deserver to go to that horrible place. They were doing everything in their power for you. You of course were selfish and didn't even care about what was going on back at home. Figures right? Well like I was saying they were so far stuck up your ass to even notice me. One night when I was walking home I got mugged. I sat in the alley way next to Miss Susie's crying my eyes out. When this handsome guy came up to me. He had dark brown hair with beautiful chocolate eyes." She looked up at Brent who smiled at her. Never in my life have I seen him smile. I could feel their love radiating off of them.

"He walked up to me and gave me a hand. He changed my life. I guess you can figure it out from there. Once they heard I was your sister I was a must recruit. Later on down the line I became one of the head leaders of the gang."

"Vice leader." Brent spoke up.

My sister second in charge? She must be good.

They just looked at each other for awhile adoring one another.

I cleared my voice and she started up again.

"Once I was put second in charge I toke on one of our older cases. A case that was put on the back burner even before I was in. The case of getting back at you for leaving them. I felt the same way. Betrayed by you. So of course I wanted to help. And this is why I am here."

It was hard for me to take it all in. This girl in front of me... I didn't even know her. I mean I knew I never really knew who she was but this person... This person in front of me wasn't even my sister.

She got up from her seat and went over to Brent.

I watched as she whispered something into his ear and he nodded.

He left the room and I just glared at Tally.

What felt like the longest time ever of my life.

He returned with 2 other people.

The two people he brought in had sacs over their heads and their hands were tied.

One person was a little girl and the other was an older looking girl.

Other hostages? I thought to myself eyeing the newcomers.

He threw them down on to the floor and I glanced at Tally....

Who's eyes showed hurt and concern for the two people on the ground.

The little girl was crying....

And her voice was oh so familiar....?

As it hit me I began to cry.

Cry for my little girl....

My little girl hurt by her own aunt.

And the other person had to be.....



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