My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 16*

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I kept runnig and running. I could hear their footsteps behind us.

We weren't moving as fast as I would like since Emma was still young and couldn't move as quick as me.

I glanced behind to see a guy dressed in black with a gun a good 5 feet. Not that far behind.

I swept Emma up in my arms and started running faster. I was a good runner believe it or not.

I could hear and feel my hearbeating quickly and hard in my chest.

The sweat soaking through my shirt and my heavy breathing was very loud.

I cant carry her for long. Shes heavy.... I need to stop but if I do.. then he might be able to catch up.

I glanced behind me and I couldn't se him anymore.

I cam to a sudden stop.

"Emma climb on my back. I need you to hold yourself there got it?"I said while bending down allowing her to get up on my back.

Once she was on I turned around to see a gun pointed straight at my face.

A heavy breathing guy was the person behind it.

"You try and run.....Ill.... shot you..." He said out of breath.

Im surprised he even caught up.

Wait... I have never had a gun pointed at my face!! This is insane.

"Calm down... You don't have to do this shes only 3." I breathed out.

"The boss gets what the boss wants."

"SHES 3!" I yelled at him

He clicked his gun and I gulped. Please no. please don't let this be it.


I didn't get to tell Jace how much I loved him.

Was my last thought as I closed my eyes.....

And heard the gun shot ring in my ears.

I felt nothing... no pain... not anything...

I opened my eyes to see that I was still standing there with emma on my back who was wailing really loud.

I looked down on the ground infont of me to see the guy there with a pool of blood around him.

I gasped in horror. Who shot him?

I looked around to see who.

There Tally stood with the gun pointed straight out breathing heavy like she just ran 10 miles.

I could see blood pouring out of her left arm. Her hair was matted with her sweat and she just stood there.

I put Emma down and shhhhed her to be quiet. She nodded and I walked over to Tally.

"Tally lower the gun." I said while pushing her arm down.

She stood there standing there just staring off in space.

Finally she looked at me. I could see guilt and scardness in her eyes.

"I don't know what happened to Jace and Brent." She said looking at me as tears started to leak out of her eyes.

"we cant stand here we have to keep moving. They are still coming he was only one."

She bite her bottom lip and looked around nervously.

"Okay lets go."

I picked up Emma and Tally led the way.

We finally made it a little shack about 5 miles away from where we were.

Tally told me no one knew about it but her and brent.

I could tell why no one knew about it. It blended in so well.

Plus it didn't even look like it was safe to be in. But it was.

It was perfect actraully.

And cute.

We fed Emma and let her take a nap.

While we sat and talked about what happened back in the room.

"I walked in there and there had to be 20 of them. I don't know 20 againist 3 the odds were against us. They all started at me with smiles on their faces. I felt like a horrible person. But I knew these people were wrong. I gave Jace and Brent the singal and we toke on the formation we talked about before entering the room. Jace would take the far corner and I would take the front. While Brent would move around quickly. It worked out well until I got hit in the arm and lost my gun. I yelled as a guy charged me and I started kicking him. Brent of course seen this and let his guard down and I hear a shot hit something. I don't know.... We had a lot down and I figure Jace was strong... Plus I needed to defend you guys so I ran fter grabbing the guys gun who was fighting me. I heard painful screams and everything coming from that room as I run to find you guys. Luckily I came in time before he shot you."

After she was done she just stared at the floor while silent tears fell from her eyes. My bestfriends eyes....

After today I couldn't believe that i really don't know my own bestfriend.

Its insane....

I shuffled my feet and thought....

She doesn't know what happened to them... they could be dead...

Oh I hope not.....

If they are... I know we all will be crushed.....


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