My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 25*

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Waking up...

I never thought it to be a hard thing to do. It was just simply waking up. Just something you did after sleeping for a couple of hours. Not hard at all. And when you are sleeping, everything that happens around you doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because if you don't see, hear, or remember something... it never happened. Right?

Given the fact when I woke up I remembered did everything around me happen?

The answer to that question is yes.

I woke up to the beep of the monitor next to my bed. Not my bed... but a hospital bed. The room was bright... and all the walls were white. I looked down to see an IV in my arm. What had happened? I tried to sit up, only to get pushed back down by the throbbing pain that shot through my body. I could feel my heart beat start to increase!

What had happened!?!

I looked around the room frantically to see Jace sleeping on a couch in the corner of the room. Tally on the chair next to the couch, with Emma in her hands.

My heart started to pump slower in my chest. I closed my eyes and forced my brain to tell me what had happened.

Slowly...but surely all of it came back to me in a rush. A big rush that seemed to cause my head to hurt.

All the events rushed by fast....

And... All I could think of after was...

"MATT!!!!" I screamed it... I screamed it as loud as I could...

This was just stupid because it caused my body even more pain.

I didn't care though. I pushed through the pain and sat up. The monitor started to beep faster. It didn't stop me though. I could see jace start to get up. I did not stop though. I forced my weak body up off of the bed. Ripped the IV out of my arm. I needed to find Matt. I needed answers.

The pain just kept rippling through my body and wouldn't stop though. The monitor keeping track of my heart rate flat lined. And I could make out nurses rushing down the hall.

Then Jace was next to me.

"Clarissa" he whispered. "Calm down... your hurt. Go lay down." He put his hand on my shoulder and I tried to shrug it off, only to fall to the ground.

The pain was too much. Jace picked me up and placed me back onto the bed, just in time before the nurses came in.

"It's okay. She just freaked a little" Jace told them. The three of their alarmed faces relaxed.

5 minutes later they left.

I felt stupid and pitiful. But most of all I felt so angry at Jace.

"Where is he?" I asked. "How long has it been?" My voice was very demanding even though it was low and cracky.

"Matt's dead, Clarissa... He was shot to bad. He couldn't pull through. You have been out for 3 months now. The doctors honestly didn't think you would pull through. You were paralyzed. Its miracle you woke up. Then I see you standing. Your strong babe." He said while gripping my hand.

I couldn't believe this... Matt was dead... and it was my fault. Then to add on to this I was out for 3 months? This means I missed his funeral and everything. I should have died along with him. This was all my doing.

I looked down at his hand and mine intertwined and began to cry. I pressed my eyes closed and let it all come out.

This is a disaster.

"It's okay. Let it all out. I know you didn't know him for long, but he did have a big impact on you. I can see it, Clarissa. He saved me. He saved a lot of people. The police got the whole gang. Everything is going to be fine now, thanks to matt. I remembered him always saying he wasn't good enough for anyone... but he was the best person for everyone. Now he's up there looking down at the good fortune he did." Jace continued to talk and I just listened... while I thought...

Of matt.

I silently prayed to myself.. I felt if I did he would hear it.


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