My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 26:The end*

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Sorry guys. I know some of you might feel i rushed the story... even i think i did kind of but hey it was my first one. :) Give me time and i promise i can get alot better at writing longer and even better storys. Im sorry to say that this is the end of this story. So story ideas are welcomed, if you wanna throw some at me. But here were go on with it!


After I got out of the hospital, I made it my first goal to see matt's grave. So when they wheeled me out of the hospital really slowly like I just given birth, I must say I was a little ticked off. I was honestly fine enough to walk my self out of the hospital. Plus it would have been a lot faster. I hate how people think time can just be wasted. I thought so before too. But after everything that has happened to me. I came to realize that life is so short that people just sit around wasting it, without realizing they let it all pass by. I'm not telling you to go out and do crazy stuff because your dying tomorrow. I'm just saying live life to your fullest. Hasn't anyone ever told you to do that? If not, here I am.

When I was finally out and into the car, with Jace behind the drivers seat, I spoke my first words to him all day.

"I want to go see his grave." I said staring straight ahead at the road. Up ahead I could see traffic starting to build up. This drove my patience up a wall. I cant take all this waiting to go see his grave.

"If that's what you really want. But.. Tally and Emma were asking about you. They were hoping to see you." he said with a softness in his voice. This didn't matter of course because im very stubborn and a thing like this just couldn't wait.

"Please.. Jace?"

I saw his face scrunch up a little, like it always did when he thought. Jace and I still haven't said anything to each other about our feelings toward one another. Well in full depth that is. Of course we have implied it and everything.. But nothing really really deep yet. I'm not even sure what he considers us right now. Looking at him though makes me realize how much I care about him and how beautiful he is. His tall muscular build compared to my small fragile build was a great contrast. We fit well together. Still im shocked at how a beautiful man like him could love someone so different from himself.

As if he could read my mind, he looked over at me and smiled his breathtaking smile.

"Okay, ill take you, and Clarissa.. Your amazing." See implied but not in depth but yet I was still taken back when he said this. The only reaction I could produce was a smile and a blush, as I turned and looked out the window.

In no time we were at the graveyard. For being a place of dread.. It was kind of beautiful in its own way. Tombstones of all different shapes and sizes lined up neatly in long narrow rows. The way they put a fence around it and grew trees and flowers, so it looked a little bit more happy. A small pond was even put in. Of course this was just all a glamour. A picture painted for you to feel a little bit more comfortable about being in a place surrounded by so much death and sorrow. So even though I almost wanted to give in to the glamour, I refused to allow myself to do it.

Jace lead me straight to his grave. His grave was under a big tall tree. A perfect place to put a person. His tombstone was not a small one. I half expected it to be though. Instead it was a medium sized one with the usual shape. IT was shiny since It was new and I began to read the description on it.

'Here lies Matthew Harvey Blackwell


Will Always be remembered for his determination and love.

We will miss you- Clarissa, Jace, & Tally.'

When I seen my name on there saying my goodbyes to him there was nothing else I could do but cry. In some sense people might think its wrong to put our names on it when it should be his families. But he really didn't have one. I believe we were the closest to it. Without him even knowing it. I love this guy no matter what. He was the reason for why we are all still alive. For that I thank him. I thank him for helping me out in the little time we really honestly knew each other.

As I cried staring at the tombstone, I felt two large arms wrap around me and pull me towards his body. Somehow he managed to twist me around so my face was up against his chest. I cried even harder when he did this. I felt weak. But feeling weak is not as bad as people hike it up to be. Being weak is to let your guard down and in life we have to let our guard down to show people we love we trust them.

"Shh" He said gently "Its alright. He's in a better place." He began to rub small circles into my back. Which quieted my crying. When this happened my sobs became hiccups. I looked up into his face and saw the love in his eyes.

"Clarissa, I know this might not be the best time... but I love you with all my heart. Seeing you like this breaks me. I want to protect you forever and ever. I want you to let me help you grieve. I want you to kiss me, hug me, hold my hand, and cuddle with me. I want you. That's all I ever wanted." Jace said while wiping the tears off my already tear stained face.

"Jace... I love you with all of my heart. And all I ever wanted was for you to say that." I said smiling up at my amazing guy.

He started to bend down, but it was to slow for me. I stood up quickly on my tip toes and kissed him. I put my arms around his neck and ran my hands through his head. We kissed for what seemed like forever.

But eventually everything comes to an end.

So after we were done, I said my goodbyes and promised myself I would come and visit matt's grave often.

After this, we went on with our lives. We meet up with Tally and Emma and spent the rest of the day enjoying ourselves.

Tally found out that Brent was never hurt and that he actually saved a lot of people from the gang that didn't want to be there, while everything went down. She finally got in contact with him about 3 weeks after the whole scene went down. Brent and her are seeing each other.

As for Jace and I we are just taking it one step at a time enjoying ourselves and our life together.

Because if there was one thing matt taught us it was to spend every second of our lives enjoying it.

Because You never truly know when your life will end.


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