My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 6*

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When me and Tally got to the school we seen taylor and some very cute guy standing next to him.

We both automatically squealed in delight!!

I mean come on its not everyday that Taylor has a boyfriend plus like i said its really his first :)

"Hey Taylor" Tally said walking up to him with me towing behind her.

"Hey Doll!" He said and smiled big.

"Hey Clary!!"

"Hey Tay" i notice Taylors Bf looking at us waiting to be introduced. so i gave taylor a head nod in his direction.

"Oh, guys this is Greg"

"Hello greg!!" Me and Tally yelled while double hugging him.

Greg Lewin Gritsko. Not very tall. Dirty Blonde his hair was short and he had grey eyes. He was very cute. And you could tell that Taylor liked him alot.

So after we were all done talking we went inside the school.

School was boring && the whole time i was trying to evaluate guys for Tally and I.

During lunch we got all of our cheerleader friends to meet Greg.

"So do any of you do track?" Greg asked us.

"nope dont like running." Tally said.

Greg looked over at and Taylor and he just shook his head.

"What about you Clari-Clary" He laughed nervously "Sorry i know you hate being called Clarissa. "

And its true i did. Hate it with a passion. i know Jace does it but hes a jerk.

"I dont see why i cant try"

"Good! First practice is today!!"Greg said all happy he got someone to run with.

So thats how i found myself running down streets in the blistering heat.

It did feel good to get out like this though and just run.

We of course stretched first. While running i had to get to the side because a ton of nice looking motorcycles were riding past.

Every single guy that was on it looked creepy and i didnt wanna get caught up in any of it. So when i seen one stopped and pulled off his helmet, i slowed down. But i eventually had to pass him and when i did, i realized who it was.

Yepp. The one and only Jace.

"Hey Clarissa!" He said. Then all of a sudden he smirked "OH and thats a very hot look on you"

He even winked. Ewwww!

Thats when i realized though that i was in black shorts, a purple tank top, and my hair was pulled up into a ponytail. On top of my horrible look i was all sweaty. So not how i want him to see me.

"Please dont call me that." i started to jog again.

"Wait!! Clarissa!!! Wait" and when i turned my head i seen him running at me. So i stopped

"Wait, Jace" i growled at him.

"Wanna go for a ride?"

"Why would i?"

"because you want to!"

"No i dont!"

"PLEASEE!!" he said and gave me the puppy dog look.

ugh. darn his badass cuteness.

"Okay i get the helmet though." He handed me the helmet and we walked over to his blue motorcycle.

I just stared at the helmet.

"Hahaha, do you need some help there?" He smirked again. Why cant he just smile?!?!?!

"No i got it...." and i began to stare at it again. Thats when he grabbed it outta my hands and put it on my head.

He slid the eye glass thingy up. Hey i have no clue what its called so shut up.

He climbed on the motorcycle while i tried to figure out how to get on. Epic Fail lets just say.

"Just put your leg over it and put her feet on the sliver things and dont touch your leg up againist this" He pointed to something. I dont what though.

So of course i burned myself on it. I didnt let him know that.

and with that i was having my first motorcycle ride. Let me tell you! AMAZING!!

****10mins later*****

"Ummm, Jace this is not my house."

We were at an old warehouse.

"Oh, i know" He said while pushing a button on the side of the wall. Next thing i knew a garage door opened and Jace pushed the bike inside.

So i followed.

It was so big and all the motorcycles i seen driving past me were in there.

Standing in the middle of these bikes was a huge dude!!!

He was bald with a scar at the edge of his chin.

"Mike, i got your bike!" Jace said pushing it over to an empty space. "Now wheres the money?"

"wait these are stolen!!" I yelled at jace and the bald man.... bald mike just raised an eyebrow at me.

"Clarissa shut up and go stand outside." I stuck my tongue out at him and stormed out. What i have i gotten myself into.

5 mins later Jace came out and the garage door behind him closed. He looked over at me and walked near me.

"Go ahead." And i did.

"What were you thinking!?!?! Bringing me into this!! Your a douche!!!" I began yelling all kinds of mean things at him. While he just stared at me.

I just kept going and he kept getting closer. Didnt stop me though..... but what did and was a complete shock to me is when all of a sudden....

His lips were on mine and i blanked. I was in total shock. He just kept going and then we were making out up againist the wall. After a couple mins he pulled away.

"See that shut you up." He said and i growled

"What the hell!!!" Bad thing is i enjoyed it.

"Dont think i really ment that. I dont want you scribbling my name in your notebook or soemthing" He said this and turned around and motioned for me to follow him.

What have i gotten myself into. Hes a complete jerk.!


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