My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 23*

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Long time... no story. I know. I'm still working on my whole computer sitituation.

But hey look I'm updating. :) I bet you've been waiting to see what happens to our main character Tally here. Is Jace dead? Does she have the hallway that leads to him?

Well all your questions will be answered in this chapter. Well hopefully.

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Walking down that hallway seemed to take forever. I was on guard the whole time I must say though.

Every noise I heard I would stop and push up against the hard coldness of the stone walls. I was no expert like everyone else here. I didn't even know if I would survive the rest of this night. All I know is this whole crazy mess shouldn't really ever happen to someone. It's like something out of a book. A book that keeps you wanting to keep reading. A book that when it ends you start cursing at it. Except the part that's ironic is no matter how many times I read a book like that... I never thought I would be doing it.

Reading and living something is completely different.

I could hear my heart beat in my ears and hear every shuffle of my feet.

I was sure my shallow breathing would give me away. But it hadn't. So when I finally saw light at the end of my dead hallway I felt relief... but at the same time fear. This was it.

This was my time.

As I neared the light I squinted and adjusted my eyes to it before entering the room with my fate held in it.

Once I entered I toke in my surroundings. Four men in black outfits... they were surrounding something. NO! Someone... my someone!

Jace was beat up. His face bleeding... his breathing very deep. Like he was having troubles breathing.

The men were laughing at Jaces pain. Something I didn't like at all. I pulled out my sword they gave me... hey! If I was doing this I was doing it the cool way.

No guns baby. Well okay I had two just in case. But I preferred this sword.

The good thing about this whole sitituation is I had fencing training when I was little.... Kind of weird I know. And also right now I had the element of surprise on my side.

Me a little cheerleader was going to kick these mans asses!

I wasn't fond of killing them but it was their life or mine.

I choose mine.

So when I noticed Jace knew I was in the room... I knew they would too.

As soon as our eyes met... I knew it was time to go.

His eyes kept screaming at me to leave but I couldn't. I loved him too much to let him die.

One of the men turned around and looked completely shocked. He was tall and bald. Fat also.

He pulled out his gun but I was too quick... I chopped his hand off...


Yes! I just seriously did. Holy shit. I was stunned. That gave the man enough time to kick me down to the ground. Next thing I knew I had 3 men on me. I hurried up off the ground.

I managed to dodge a couple of punches while running to Jaces side.

Untying him quickly. As he got free. The man who I cut the hand off of was charging me. I threw a direct punch to his nose and then picked up my sword in time to kill him.

I couldn't believe I was doing this. That's all that kept running through my head the whole time. I thought I was doing a great job but Jace was ready to take on the rest by himself.

"Listen stay back let me do it. You can't get hurt. This isn't your fight." He said quickly before the rest of the men regained themselves.

I stayed back behind Jace as I watched him fight the three men. Jace was fast and graceful. Almost like he was dancing the whole time. Dodging every throw they threw at him. It was fascinating. He finished the men off in record time.

"Let's go." He said grabbing my wrist and pulling me along. "You hurt or anything? Geez Clarissa. I can't believe you used a sword. Heck I can't believe YOU killed a man. I also can't believe Tally let you do this alone. I'm going-"

"I love you too." I said stopping us completely and reaching up and pulling down his face to mine. I brought his bruised and busted lips to my untouched from harmed ones. I kissed him roughly. He kissed me back with just as much roughness. It was like everything that was going on didn't matter. All that mattered was Jace... My Jace was alive and okay. Well okay for the most part. When our kiss ended. We were both gasping.

"Wow." I was all I could breathe out.

"Wow is correct." Jace said while a smirk grew on his face. He kissed me passionately one more time before we ran off to find the rest of our group.

Making my way down these empty dark hallways with Jace made me feel better then when it was me by myself. I knew no matter what I would be safe with him around.

As we rounded a corner we heard a loud gunshot ring through the whole building.

Next came a shriek. It sounded like it was from Tally. No no not her. Please no.

I think Jace was thinking the same thing because he picked up his pace and so did I.

I ran like never before and so did he. We came to a room where there were tons of bodies everywhere.

Tally stood in the middle with a gun in her hand... a guy up against the wall. I watched as her finger slowly pulled the trigger back. The bullet flew out of the barrel and went straight towards the man's head. Blood painted the walls as the man fell. Just as he fell... So did Tally. Everything happened in slow motion though... like my brain couldn't process everything quick enough. Jace ran to her side flung his self to the ground next to tally. She lay on top of a body... Her eyes filled with water. Streams of tears fell down her face.

"Matt..." was all I could register as I finally toke in the body on the ground. Here I thought it was Brent...

But it wasn't... it was Matt...

My matt...

Matt who was willing to save a man he disliked... for me.


Okay I know the sword thing was probably out there... but I thought it would be cool if she was badass with a sword. Lol plus I was inspired by a book I just got done reading.

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