My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 4*

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The Fact that 4 days after meeting Jace i was still scared of what he was capable of was still making me very uneasy.

I had not had another run in with him like that again though. Everytime i went over tallys he would completely ignore me.

When Taylor met him, Taylor was definatly in love with him. Although Jace was nice to him, you could see the annoyance on his face everytime he had to sit and talk to him. Jace had become very mean to me over the days and everytime i was over Tally's house, He had a different girl.

His favorite was that red head though. Yeah its been 4 days and i can already tell this. So today when i was at Tally's house i decided to finally ask questions.

We were sitting up in her room listening to 3OH!3 - My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha)

It wasnt on high though so it was easy to just talk over the music.

"Tally, I wanna ask you something..?"

"Haha. Why did you put that in question form werido" She said as she was painting her toe nails.

"Well... i wanna know something about your brother."

"Oh no. I told him if he keeps being mean to you. Youll never think hes nice at all. Which i dont blame you at all for."

"Nooo. Its just i wanna know how he became the way he is. And why he favors that red head....?"

"Well the whole why he is the way he is thing, your gonna have to ask him yourself. And the red head thing youll have to ask him yourself to. I have no clue. Sorry i cant help out more." She looked at me and gave me her sad face.

Like an idiot i fell for it. Shes good at that.

"Im afraid to ask him....Does he have any girl over right now?"

"No i think he has a guy friend over today. Shocking right. Go talk to him."

i shook my head yes at this. Even though my insides were screaming your stupid he wont tell you anything!!!

With this thought in my head i walked down the hall to jace's room. Down the hall i seen the bathroom light on. hopefully its jace's friend.

Tally's parents work jobs that go late into the night. So i knew it was neither one of them. Just incase your wondering about them. I dont want you thinking its some Max & Ruby shit going on.

As i opened the door, i glanced around the room.

Jace was just laying on his bed with his hands behind his head. He glanced at me and then stared back up at the ceiling.

"Umm, excuse me?"

"What do you want?" He got up and closed the door.

CRAPPP!! i screamed inside of my head.

"Ummm...." I licked my lips and looked around all nervous.

"Geez Clarissa stop being all nervous. Lighten up sweets." As he said this he came closer to me and slapped my butt.

WTF!!! Does he think he can just do these things because hes extremely hot?!!?!


"See you cant even cuss. Your to good." He leaned in closer to my face.

I gulped and could feel my heart beating so quick.

"Get away.." I said in a non-convincing voice.

I could see the sparkle in his eye. When he knew i was defeated.

Oh my whats gonna happen!?!?! he kept leaning in my lips i could almost taste him..


Blah stopping because im all blocked. >.

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