My Bestfriends Delinquent Brother<3 *Chapter 15*

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As I lay on the floor and listened to Jace and Tally argue back and forth I tried to figure out a way out of this.

My hands are tied and I can't see... but my legs are free...if I can get one of them to come closer to me I can trip them.

Then what??

"Why do you have Clarissa and a little child tied up Tally!? Are you insane! They never did anything to you. It doesn't make any sense at all. Have you gone mad?" I listened as Jace basically screamed this at his sister.

I could hear someone come closer to me .... Okay here's my chance.

But before I could act I was being picked up and it suddenly got very light.

My eyes stung from the brightness as I blinked to get my eyes use to the lighting.

Finally when they adjusted I toke in the room. It was a plain room that had white walls.

And there were only three people in it. Not including Emma.

They all were staring at me waiting for me to react but I didn't give into their stares.

After what seemed like endless staring Tally broke the awkward silence.

"They would be fine if they weren't involved with you! You never told me you had a kid for one Jace! I coulda stopped all of this. I plan on it to. Sorry Brent... And if Clary wasn't sleeping with you she should would be fine! You think I want to hurt my own best friend?!"

"HEY!" I yelled which got all of their attentions even Emma stopped crying.

"I am not sleeping with him!" They all rolled their eyes at me. Oh thanks everyone.

"Brent shut off the cameras in here."

"Tally what are we doing?" he asked.

"Trust me."

Once he had the cameras off Tally pulled out a knife... Here goes my life. She walked over to me and looked me dead in the eye. I could see nothing in hers, any regret, and care, worry... nothing.

I never thought I would die this way. I always picture just dying of old age. Easy death if you asked me.

But she didn't attack me. She untried my hands and I threw a hit at her head. Which made her stumble... am not the toughest person ever.

"Clary settle I'm not the enemy...i was but I can't do this to you."

"Tally he's not going to be happy."

"Shhhhs Brent and help me"

They untied all of us and I seen Jace pick up a gun.

I grabbed Emma in my arms and we all began to run with Tally and Brent in lead.

We appeared to be in an abandoned school. Probably high school.

At first it was a straight shot and we ran into nobody but Tally slowed. Which meant we were closer to people.

"Stay here "Jace whispered as he pushed me up and against the wall in a corner.

I listened to him... I knew nothing about gangs unlike the other three. Plus I had to keep Emma calm and quiet so I just listened as I strained my ear to hear everything.

"Hey Tally!" a guy said "What's going on with the prisoners?

"Why don't you ask him yourself" Tally growled at the man.

Next thing I knew there was shouting and screaming. Then gun fires. Emma began to cry and shed her. She nodded and held her cries in.

This went on for awhile and I began to worry about everyone

I heard footsteps down the hall coming towards me. I held my breath bracing myself for whoever was coming.

A dark figure came around the corner and looked at me....

I didn't give him time to attack I kicked him where the sun don't shine and ran with Emma in my arms of course.

"Come back here little girl!" I heard the man groan but I ran and kept running until I came to an exit.

Once outside I looked around to see that we were in the middle of nowhere.

I put Emma down and got in her face.

"You have to run with me. Okay? I can't carry you anymore. Think of it as were playing tag and we don't want the bad guys to tag us. Hold on to my hand okay?"

She shook her head in understanding and toke my hand.

With one smile up at me, we began to run.

I knew no matter what was happening to everyone else inside, Emma was the one to protect.

And I would do that.


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