[Chapter Thirty-Eight] Liam

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                             Desperate for changing 
                                        Starving for truth 
                            I'm closer to where I started 
                                            Chasing after you.... 

                        I'm falling even more in love with you 
                                Letting go of all I've held onto 
                      I'm standing here until you make me move 
                          I'm hanging by a moment here with you 
                             I'm living for the only thing I know 
                     I'm running and not quite sure where to go 
                         And I don't know what I'm diving into 
                          Just hanging by a moment here with you 

                                           Hanging By A Moment: Lifehouse

Chapter Thirty-Eight- Liam

I have to admit, the girl was pretty good. I thought this would be easy, but in typical Addie fashion she had to completely surprise me by doing something completely unexpected.

After Addie switched Mom and Lalan switched too and so did the little girls, it made it just that much more competitive.

And an hour later, I had to admit defeat to her, well to all of them. Mom was giving crap to dad, Kaylis was ecstatic and Asher was taunting Kalila a little bit.

"Please, I would be on the losing team no matter what, because I would be going against Addie."

"True." She shoved him.

"I'm going to go back in the lake" Addie pulled her shirt back off and headed in with all the kids following behind, so I decided to join in.

"Mommy, come play." Faith said and Addie froze for a second, not enough to notice if you weren't paying close attention to her, I wonder what was going through her mind right now.

 "Daddy!" Kaylis yelled and Dad's face lit up, he loved us both but Kaylis was his princess, his baby girl, his only daughter. I'm not saying he loved her more, just differently.

Uncle Ethan picked Addie up and threw her back in, we splashed and I felt Kalila jump on my back so I tipped her forward and back into the water so she jumped on Addie next. Addie looked so comfortable and she wasn't worried about touching anyone or being touched. It was natural and normal like it should be.

I guess all it takes is the right people to show you that everything is going to be okay in life.

"We should start up the grill, Ethan." Taylor said as he tossed Kaylis back in the water.

"Alright." They headed out and everything settled down a bit. Addie swam over to Lalan and wrapped her arms around her, she hugged her right back and I watched them talk, I don't know what they were saying but it seemed like a nice moment

 "But I love you more!" Kalila jumped on Addie from behind

"No way, I totally win." Asher said joining in their group hug and I wanted to tell her, no I love you the most, Addie. But I knew that it wouldn't be appropriate and I didn't have the courage.

I gave them their family bonding moment and went over to my mom.

"You going to tell her?" she asked me as the little girls were playing in the shallow part splashing.

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