[Chapter Forty-Two] Liam

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               The worst part about being lied to
                        is knowing that you weren't worth the truth.

                                              - Unknown

Chapter Forty-Two- Liam

"My parents are here." Those whispered words nearly made my heart stop. Addison had made progress and she was ready to fight her parents through texts but I was really hoping she stood strong with them here, with us all beside her.

It hasn't even been a whole day since she decided to stay, how the hell did they get here so soon?

"Get the fuck out of my house." I heard Lalan yell as we approached the door

"Don't raise your voice at me." A man, who I was assuming to be her dad, yelled.

"You're trespassing, get out." She said again

"As soon as we get Addison's things packed, we will. And for fucks sake, tell me you're not a complete failure and at least got the girl to talk." He said annoyed and it made me want to go in there and take a swing at him. Who talked about their own daughter like that?

"The girl? She's you're daughter Lucas not a fucking stranger."

"Whatever." He said and I looked over at Addie and she was frozen right now, she looked terrified.

"Addie, let's go." I whispered to her and she shook her head and opened the door to the house, I sent a text to keep the girls away and told everyone what was going on before following in after her.

"and let's go." I caught the end of who I assumed to be her mother talking and she shook her head. She was so different then the girl I've grown to know and love.

This girl looked just like the one who was here the first day. She couldn't look her parents in the eye and she stood timidly. I walked over to her and put a hand on her lower back, she jumped and looked up and the relaxed into my side.

"She still doesn't talk." I said and she looked up at me and I barley heard her sigh of relief

"Of course she doesn't." her dad rolled his eyes.

"Addison, I said we are going home. Now." He told her and she shook her head again "Now" he yelled again and she jumped.

"She said no, now get out." Lalan said and stepped in front of Addie.

"She's my daughter." He glared her down. They looked absolutely nothing alike. You could tell by looking at him he was a cruel person.

"And she's nineteen and a legal adult." Ethan came inside

"Well, if it isn't the lowlife that my stupid sister married. He's still beneath you Lalan." Ethan didn't look affected by his remark, I'm sure he really didn't care.

"You are not welcome In our home, you need to leave before I call the police." Ethan was calm as Asher and Kalila slid into the room too.

"Girls are with mom" Asher whispered and we nodded

"Addie still can't talk" I whispered back as her parents continued to argue with Ethan and Lalan.

"Addison baby, go pack." She shook her head again when her mom spoke in a stickily sweet voice.

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