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I love all of you and i want to tell my wattpad family some amazing news, because when you get great news, you're family and friends are the first people you want to tell <3

I have joined up with Byline to launch a new app based site called Radish, some of you may have heard of it from other wattpaders who are also involved.

It launches mid January, 2016

You can get first access to my story "Always, Yours" that is exclusively for Radish and all the other wonderful stories by some amazing authors by signing up for the mailing list now


(also the external link)

Make sure it's RainDrops.

On top of early access you'll get some kind of sneak peek, maybe an early chapter or something that you will ONLY get if you're signed up.

it would mean a lot to me to see you guys sign up because it's occurred to me lately that i have followers, but i don't seem to have a large following with this kind of thing, which kind of make me sad because you are my inspiration, the few of you replying to the message bored about wanting this update, that is the reason i have it and am already working on the next chapter.

you guys make me want to be better

So join the Radish list and you can follow me on Facebook as well if you want to know more about me or keep up to date about what's going on for Radish and Wattpad

That is the FB account LivelifeinTherain Radish-Wattpad

I accept every request on there and would love to see you guys and get to know you better, i'm trying the whole social media thing.

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