Pidge X Keith [it's um..smut basically] by Trash_Peep_
Pidge X Keith [it's um..smut Trash_Peep_
Secret romances?? What happens when two young teens have fallen in love with each other, and are trying to make it to the 12th stage.
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I'm No Superman// Braun Strowman  by Bad_Buck
I'm No Superman// Braun Strowman by 😐Jessie😐
He's a fun-loving guy outside the ring, and a total ass kicker inside the ring. She's a serious girl all around, waiting for someone to break down her walls and show he...
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Going through Life by Potatounykorn
Going through Lifeby 👇
This is stories or poems or rants that I write and publish for you to read. Obviously.
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Fitness ♥ / cvičení / jídlo / tipy a rady / by _Brunette_
Fitness ♥ / cvičení / jídlo / Brunette
Několik měsíců se věnuji fitness a snažím se aktivně cvičit a správně stravovat. Chtěla bych se s vámi podílet o těch několik měsíců, kdy jsem získávala zkušenosti, aby...
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Instagram- Zack Sabre Jr/OC by gamerbook
Instagram- Zack Sabre Jr/OCby gamerbook
Everyone's favourite technical wizard finally gets Instagram. See what happens in his life and how he falls in love with a King of Goths baby sister
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The Chilla Arts by G1Frenzy
The Chilla Artsby CinnaChilla
I might as well put my art here as well for people who don't use Discord, Deviantart or Facebook, so here you guys are~
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Corruption by KanesCrazyChick
Corruptionby KanesCrazyChick
Pete Dunne is a asshole who rubs everyone the wrong one. CiCi is a sweet innocent girl trying to get her start in NXT. What happens when the two meet?
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honeydew, by thaittea
honeydew,by ev
it's like a journal, but for everyone to see. common things we've all felt but never talk about. this is it. i think there will be as many happy entries as much as there...
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He Saved Me by NamjoonThighs
He Saved Meby NamjoonThighs
The boy that has the body of a canvas because he's got art written all over him. From the bull on his collarbone to his inked up arms and fingers to that dam tattooed h...
  • jealousy
  • awkwardlovestory
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My Art (2019-2020) by LaughingCupcake
My Art (2019-2020)by JollyRanchers
My new Art book for the next 2 years!
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The Sketchbook #3 | 2019 by Books_andGlasses
The Sketchbook #3 | 2019by Books
!! Do not steal, copy, or repost my art !! !! All characters/photos/art belong to Books_andGlasses (Noble Pride) unless otherwise noted !! ~ ~ ~ It's 2019? Already?? W...
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Art by Iconiics
Artby Is anybody waving
Art progression//
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D E V O U R || HANNIGRAM // continuation by Spookey95
D E V O U R || HANNIGRAM // Hannisea
Following after the figurative: 'Cliff Hanger', on Hannibal NBC; the story evolves to express the turmoil, suspense and romance between Will and Hannibal and lastly- wha...
  • 2017
  • novel
  • fannibal
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Wrestling one shots by gamerbook
Wrestling one shotsby gamerbook
One shots about your favourite wrestlers. NJPW, Progress, Rev Pro, PWG, ROH, NXT, WWE and other companies. There will be one shots I have written but you can request as...
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my weight loss journey  by sunflowernah
my weight loss journey by sunflowernah
this is a journal of my progress of losing weight. if you would motivate me, that would make me very happy. this is a place to help you if you need help being motivated...
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My Opinions of The World by MrAlmostCertain
My Opinions of The Worldby MrAlmostCertain
(13 out of 1.4K in Journal September 2018)I have strong opinions on many things, this is just what I think. *Keep in mind, these are my opinions. Feel free to disagree...
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Best Friends by ambyr00
Best Friendsby Cherriè
She was a little girl with blonde hair wearing a pink and white dress and scissors in her hand the first time I saw her. Behind her, a crying girl with only one pony tai...
  • love
  • romcom
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Izuocha, a Deku x Ochako fanfic by Endeavor1G2
Izuocha, a Deku x Ochako fanficby Endeavor1G2
Just a quick not before the description, the cover photo was not created by me. If any copyright issues occur please contact me so I can change it. SO, this is my first...
  • izuocha
  • izukuxochaco
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Journey of the Seas by gigi4710
Journey of the Seasby Gigi Paris
"Did you get high before coming in here?" She snapped her head in the direction of who had spoken and narrowed her eyes to see a guy holding a camera in his h...
  • featured
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My Artistic Journey by Henvincible
My Artistic Journeyby Rose Esor
This is dedicated to anyone who reads my fan comics. Do you know how committed I am to creating an enjoyable reading experience? I've started taking an art class at my l...
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