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Pidge X Keith [it's um..smut basically] by Trash_Peep_
Pidge X Keith [it's um..smut Trash_Peep_
Secret romances?? What happens when two young teens have fallen in love with each other, and are trying to make it to the 12th stage.
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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
  • blessing
  • engagement
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Alarming by bitemytounge
Alarmingby bitemytounge
A Monday more disturbing than usual
  • thriller
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  • suspense
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~Threads of Fate~ by KrystelleWescott
~Threads of Fate~by Krys Wenger
Raine Kyler is a farm boy who joined the military to start an adventure and provide for his mother and younger brother. Lethia Brooke is the Queen Catherine's rebellio...
  • romance
  • mythicalhistory
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Dual soul vol 1: The Girl Who Had Lost Everything And The Boy Who Had Nothing by scarlietiechie
Dual soul vol 1: The Girl Who scarlietiechie
The first in a series of books telling the tale of how one girl who had nothing rose to be one of the most powerful entities their world had ever seen.
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Birdhouse by DevonThePoet
Birdhouseby Devon
Not everything goes the way someone wants it to go. Finding a particular bird in the wild changed someone's life for better or worse. Breaking the cycle of familiarity i...
  • conflict
  • teenagers
  • teen
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Troyler - it's real. by PancakesNWriting
Troyler - it's PancakesNWriting
Troyler is a heavily shipped otp starring tyler Oakley and Troye sivan, two gay yet lovable boys, and this is there journey to how they found out they loved eachother ❤️
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Age by user90088142
I saw the light of day forever young I have seen the light of day forever old I thought things could never age Age is a concept that fears me most What is at the end of...
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It Started With A Drawer by VizzyR
It Started With A Drawerby Vicky
Rebecca is in her late twenties wondering why her life isn't going according to the plan she devised when she was a child. Calvin, her slightly older boyfriend has just...
  • fiction
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  • romance
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aesthetically unpleasing ➵ art book (2018) by candlesticc
aesthetically unpleasing ➵ art eat pant
Let's do this again, alright? I had one for 2017, and I think it's safe to say I improved quite a lot.
  • digital
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God has always been there. by ennahdz
God has always been ennahdz
A story about my religion progress.
  • religion
  • god
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Love Sucks: A Frerard Story by PanicChild
Love Sucks: A Frerard Storyby Autumn
******PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION****** This is my first ever upload to wattpad. And I want you all to know, that as much as I love writing I suck at it. Im also just like...
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The Sleep Over by deadshotx23
The Sleep Overby Jaykob LeBlanc
When a 12 year old boy sleeps over his friends house. And then he realized that they are not alone! ): sorry about the story cover, I messed up on it.
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My Journal by S-N-WilsonWritings
My Journalby S. N. Wilson
I started a journal of my life 12-23-2016, as a method of self therapy. I am depressed and I can't go in for an appointment with a therapist. I hope this well help other...
  • diary
  • thoughts
  • diet
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Hold My Hand by Jamiesian
Hold My Handby Jamie
16 year old Becca is admitted into a hospital for ill and handicapped people. Here she meets a boy who was blinded at 3 years old. Everyone has given up on her, everyone...
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  • unbreakable
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Forward by Gozzii
Forwardby Gozzi
A short, introspective poem.
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  • hope
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Meeting Shawn For The Second Time by kinseyistheshiz
Meeting Shawn For The Second Timeby kinseyistheshiz
This story is about a young 20 year old woman, who when she was a teen, met and recorded a cover video with Shawn Mendes. But was never remembered afterwards. Now three...
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