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I'm entering It All Started In Rehab into the watty's this year and i've never done anything like this so it would be great if i could get your support and such

from October 15-November 15 is for people's choice, you share it on FB and Twitter with #wattys2014 and #Itallstartedinrehab (I hate hastags, ugh) and retweet or something like that, i don't know much abotu twitter honestly! 

My twitter is @Chellseymerika is you want to follow, either way that's cool and yeah, thank you for your reads :) Please remember to vote, because you're all awesome.

P.s may see this on other stories and stuff as well. 

This book deals with a lot of raw emotions and unpopular topics, there is no sexual content in it like some of my other books (It All Started In Rehab doesn't really either if you don't like R rated) 

this is the first of three books, Secrets Cause Silence is the prequel and Truth In Words is the sequel, please read them in order if you don't want to ruin this book

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