[Chapter Two] Liam

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Dare to reach your hand into the darkness, 
To pull another hand into the light

                                         - Norman B. Rice

Chapter Two- Liam

When afternoon came, I decided to take Hadley out for a ride.

She was my best friend, and I'd had her all her life and we bonded instantly. I was just in my in-between years, I was growing from a child to a teenager hitting puberty and having all these emotions that I hadn't had before.

I was angry and moody, getting into fights, and everything tested me.

Being around Hadley calmed me and forced me to be patient. I know people say that a horse is just a horse; they can't understand you, there just an animal that serve a purpose, but not to me, nor my family.

 A lot of people break them in; they treat horses like they aren't anything. Slowly breaking their spirits until there's no fight left in them and they just submit to any rider.

With our horses their trained not broken. We take the time to work with them, they're happy and have a great attitude, but they know what they need to do. Hadley though, she won't let anyone else ride her except me. You would think she was a problem horse with the amount of people she's thrown.

Kaylis is the only other person who's been on her, but only when she's on with me, plus she's gentle because she's so little.

I was just coming back when I saw Asher's truck coming up the drive, with someone else in the passenger's seat. I was curious so I brought Hadley over to the fence separating my house from theirs.

A girl with red hair came out, and you could just see the tension radiating off of her, I wonder if she's Asher's girlfriend, meeting the family for the first time maybe.

Mrs. Lalan came running out of the house "Oh Addison, baby. It's nice to see you" she was yelling rushing towards her.

See her, not meet her? So why is she so nervous?

She tensed up more when Mrs. Lalan pulled her into a hug, and then the girl disappeared with Kalila and Faith holding onto her.

Asher froze before he seemed to snap out of things, "Guys, let her go!" he yelled and ran over to try to pull them off of her. What is going on here?

If they weren't like family to me, I would feel like some kind of creeper for looking in on them like this, but I'm curious.

When Asher got them to back off the girl, she fell to the ground on her knees.

"What's going on?" Ethan came outside freaking out.

"I-I don't know" Mrs. Lalan's voice was terrified.

"Something's wrong with her, she flinches when anyone's near, freaks out when she's in a crowd, and mom" Asher was boarder line yelling now and I figured it was time to go over. I jumped Hadley over the fence and went to the small group.

"I don't know" Asher whispered and everyone just looked at her. She was hugging her small body, rocking back and forth. Her eyes were closed tightly and I could see the tears streaming down her face

"Is she okay?" I asked. Everyone was freaking out, and I was worried about the girl, but I didn't think it would help to panic like everyone else.

"No." Asher answered. They were just sitting there staring at each other, and then her, and they weren't doing anything. I knew this was all caused by her being touched, but her rocking has slowed and she just looks weak.

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