Clexa AU °Safe Haven° [#Wattys2016] by autumn_elle
Clexa AU °Safe Haven° [#Wattys2016]by elle
~My name's Lexa, as all of you probably know now. I'm eighteen but still don't have driving license. I honestly feel like I'm a newborn here. And I am in some way. I was...
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LOST (btsxnamjoon) #bottomnamjoon by joonjooniexxx
LOST (btsxnamjoon) #bottomnamjoonby JOONXXX
namjoon known as RM who's sacrifice a lot for the member and the group gets his heart crush by the people he cares deeply. the darkness in his heart slowly turn his onc...
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The Boy who stole her heart ✔ by San2045
The Boy who stole her heart ✔by S.V.Zanolli
*Runner Up for Best Epilogue 2016-17 *Winner of Best story plot by Excellence Awards Five Years ago they were best friends and then the inseparable love birds until dest...
  • stepsister
  • emptiness
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a damaged girl by maddies23
a damaged girlby Maddie
I just need it out. I need it out of my mind.
  • leaving
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  • hurt
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The sadness consumes me by sadsxoul
The sadness consumes meby sadsxoul
  • sad
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  • fallingapart
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The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly (SwaSan Story) by SilentReder
The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly (...by SilenceReader
The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly (A SwaSan Story) *Completed* •• Love is supposed to make you happy right ? To make you feel loved ? But it can also gives pain, lots o...
  • emptiness
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  • swasan
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A hole that can't be sealed by Ghoul_Toga
A hole that can't be sealedby Ghoul_Toga
This is an Ulquiorra Cifer powered OC x RWBY. My first ever RWBY book, hope y'all like it.
  • neglect
  • abuse
  • emptiness
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shy tears by toujours_hiver
shy tearsby Hiver
shy tears of hopeless heart.
  • tears
  • depression
  • death
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Kidnapped By My Mates Father by NayaMakay109
Kidnapped By My Mates Fatherby NayaMakay Bourgeois
Crystal is18 years old, she has a older brother name Brandon her mother his Luna Emily and her father is Alpha Brad. Crystal's pack the Cresent Moon pack is the second s...
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Poems by snowflake-anime
Poemsby snowflake
Oh god-
  • depression
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Depression Quotes - Book 3 by Colorblind_Sunset
Depression Quotes - Book 3by Colorblind_Sunset
Once again, I didn't have nearly enough space in the first two books to get in all my quotes so I'm continuing from 400 in this one. Extreme trigger warning and swearing...
  • quotes
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  • eatingdisorder
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😊third time lucky by yoursleepyhead__
😊third time luckyby yoursleepyhead__
missed opportunity, confusing ending of something what what supposed to be so great. wrong one again.
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Magnified Weaknesses by LiliandSnowC
Magnified Weaknessesby Trash than the gang
Non FNaF related story, based off my OCs and their pasts and what might come in their futures. All characters' choices are decided by YOU! Yes, you, reader. Just commen...
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The Things That Keep Me Up At Night by MariaReynolds1776
The Things That Keep Me Up At Nightby MariaReynolds1776
This is a book about the things on my mind . I used to hate the people who did this. This being posting their rants and feelings online . But I don't care anymore. I ha...
  • pain
  • emptiness
  • ugh
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Deep Thoughts by itsmelux
Deep Thoughtsby SIN
e m o t i o n s t h r o u g h w o r d s o f p o e t r y. ❤
  • hobby
  • love
  • denial
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Empty Poetry by starsblossom
Empty Poetryby M \
Poems from An Empty Poet //
  • depressed
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Thoughts of a Broken Mind by ZizzleMcRizzle
Thoughts of a Broken Mindby ZizzleMcRizzle
  • sadness
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e m o t i o n s . by deadinsideyay
e m o t i o n s .by 🌈
Thoughts and one shots. ©deadinsideyay 2018
  • anxiety
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  • prose
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Compendium Of Emotions by RohanGhume
Compendium Of Emotionsby Rohan Ghume
A range of poems dedicated to each beautiful girl I have met on this amazing journey of life till now. Few experiences being truly amazing, while few were heart aching...
  • poetry
  • dedication
  • emotions
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poems by suga_ri_
poemsby ~windy~
▌│█║▌║▌║ poems ║▌║▌║█│▌ A little collection of my poetry ▌│█║▌║▌║ poems ║▌║▌║█│▌
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