Clexa AU °Safe Haven° [#Wattys2016] by autumn_elle
Clexa AU °Safe Haven° [#Wattys2016]by elle
~My name's Lexa, as all of you probably know now. I'm eighteen but still don't have driving license. I honestly feel like I'm a newborn here. And I am in some way. I was...
  • depression
  • fanfiction
  • freementalillness
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Vie Vide (Empty Soul) by insxnequeen
Vie Vide (Empty Soul)by devi
He gets abandoned a lot. That it doesn't hurt anymore. Instead, the ones who have left him were leaving broken-hearted. He holds to a statement that too much of somethin...
  • romancefanfiction
  • fanfiction
  • selfharmawareness
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The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly (SwaSan Story) by SilentReder
The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly (...by SilenceReader
The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly (A SwaSan Story) *Completed* •• Love is supposed to make you happy right ? To make you feel loved ? But it can also gives pain, lots o...
  • smile
  • emptiness
  • romance
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Just Like That by MysteriousButterfly3
Just Like Thatby Mysterious Butterfly
A poem of when a girl fell in love .......but as they say, if there's something like falling in love , then there is falling out too...... ( There is just one single poe...
  • missing
  • feelings
  • girlxboy
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Introverted By My Thoughts [✓] by kingiaam
Introverted By My Thoughts [✓]by kingiaam
With Every passing breath, I sink even deeper into a pool of my own darkness. . . A poetic series.
  • darkness
  • extrovert
  • void
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The Things I Never Said | inksmoker by inkSmoker
The Things I Never Said | inksmokerby L
A Composition Of Thoughts, Feelings and Rants i never expressed out loud *** "Poetry is what happens, wh...
  • restrictions
  • deep
  • feelings
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Until I find You by MichelleManisha
Until I find Youby Haruka Tachibana
Every aspect, every nerve, every sense of me telling me it's her. This voice can't be her voice. The voice I was finding for 5 years. Is it an illusion? ___________ Two...
  • guitar
  • celebrity
  • heart
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Poems to Myself by ohboyherewegoagain
Poems to Myselfby ohboyherewegoagain
I was inspired by a girl who was only 2 years older than me. She wrote like no one would ever read the pages. She wrote so fearlessly like no one would ever judge her s...
  • mystory
  • mylife
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Dot. by sobluetoday
Dot.by blue ♡
00:08am i wrote "Dot." yesterday at 3am. I've been struggling with insomnia these days! I can't rest my mind, i'm constantly thinking of some deep shit, it fee...
  • moon
  • art
  • dot
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Written feelings (On Going) by faychaaaa
Written feelings (On Going)by Fayza Balading
Feel free to read Written Feelings. Enjoy! ✨ - These are poems which are partly based on my imaginations and my life. • 01/17/18
  • poetry
  • sad
  • feelings
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The Boy who stole her heart ✔ by San2045
The Boy who stole her heart ✔by S.V.Zanolli
*Runner Up for Best Epilogue 2016-17 *Winner of Best story plot by Excellence Awards Five Years ago they were best friends and then the inseparable love birds until dest...
  • love
  • emptiness
  • pastlove
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My Thoughts by Gonerinaforestfire
My Thoughtsby //^<•}^\\
My thoughts I guess... Please give me credit if you take anything from this book and if I ask for you to take it down or delete something you've taken from this, I hope...
  • alone
  • emptiness
  • brokenheart
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Quotes by name_less_girl
Quotesby name_less_girl
  • drinking
  • sad
  • afraid
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Hidden Wings by melody_1234_love
Hidden Wingsby melody_love
This story is about a 17 yr old girl named Ariana Williams who was living a normal life until one day everything changed...On her 18th birthday the world turned upside d...
  • anxiety
  • emptiness
  • friendship
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gone. by Kayla_0819
gone.by I MISS TY + JOSH
  • sadness
  • loss
  • amazingphil
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Sweets by nighttaker
Sweetsby nighttaker
A collection of sweet, romantic short stories. Highest Rank: #55 in Short Story ~Second place winner in Antiology's Humor Contest (Chapter-Impossible) ~Third pla...
  • hugs
  • sweet
  • projectsmiles
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Kidnapped By My Mates Father by NayaMakay109
Kidnapped By My Mates Fatherby NayaMakay Bourgeois
Crystal is18 years old, she has a older brother name Brandon her mother his Luna Emily and her father is Alpha Brad. Crystal's pack the Cresent Moon pack is the second s...
  • sadness
  • werewolf
  • happiness
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Break of Dawn  by Poetic_Glory
Break of Dawn by Poetic_Glory
Part of the "Break of Dawn" series, a collection of confessional poetry, verses and prose with universal themes of self-identity, family, love and loss. The c...
  • thoughts
  • healing
  • vulnerable
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Out of Nothing by justisr
Out of Nothingby justisr
One finds themself alone in a place of endless emptiness.
  • fantasy
  • futile
  • overcome
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