Vie Vide (Empty Soul) by insxnequeen
Vie Vide (Empty Soul)by devi
He gets abandoned a lot. That it doesn't hurt anymore. Instead, the ones who have left him were leaving broken-hearted. He holds to a statement that too much of somethin...
  • luckyblue
  • romancefanfiction
  • selfhurt
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The Things I Never Said | inksmoker by inkSmoker
The Things I Never Said | inksmokerby L
A Composition Of Thoughts, Feelings and Rants i never expressed out loud *** "Poetry is what happens, wh...
  • love
  • emptiness
  • memories
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LOST (btsxnamjoon) #bottomnamjoon by joonjooniexxx
LOST (btsxnamjoon) #bottomnamjoonby JOONXXX
namjoon known as RM who's sacrifice a lot for the member and the group gets his heart crush by the people he cares deeply. the darkness in his heart slowly turn his onc...
  • namjin
  • angst
  • jungkook
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a damaged girl by tye-dye-inside
a damaged girlby Maddie
I just need it out. I need it out of my mind. When words fail, my writing speaks.
  • broken
  • hurt
  • poetrycollection
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Introverted By My Thoughts (Coming Soon!!) by kingiaam
Introverted By My Thoughts (Coming...by kingiaam
With Every passing breath, I sink even deeper into a pool of my own darkness. . . A poetry collection.
  • poetry
  • extrovert
  • poems
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I love him. [A story of something forbidden. Written by; blaacktwins ©] by blaacktwins
I love him. [A story of something...by Blaacktwins
--- ''I swear to myself, that on someday I'm gonna break through everything that prevents me from the love which is lingering for so long in the depth corners of my hear...
  • brother
  • emptiness
  • forbidden
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The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly (SwaSan Story) by SilentReder
The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly (...by SilenceReader
The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly (A SwaSan Story) *Completed* •• Love is supposed to make you happy right ? To make you feel loved ? But it can also gives pain, lots o...
  • pearlawards2018
  • passion
  • fanfiction
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A hole that can't be sealed by Ghoul_Toga
A hole that can't be sealedby Ghoul_Toga
This is an Ulquiorra Cifer powered OC x RWBY. My first ever RWBY book, hope y'all like it.
  • bleach
  • neliel
  • wattys2018
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Depression Quotes - Book 3 by Colorblind_Sunset
Depression Quotes - Book 3by Colorblind_Sunset
Once again, I didn't have nearly enough space in the first two books to get in all my quotes so I'm continuing from 400 in this one. Extreme trigger warning and swearing...
  • selfharm
  • depressionquotes
  • depression
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fairy lights by sethwhy
fairy lightsby seth connor
flowery words for the one i call mine.
  • fairylights
  • poetry
  • emptiness
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You Were Mine • #1 | ✔️ by Artificial_Stars
You Were Mine • #1 | ✔️by I.C Atlantis
|| Ranked #21 in Forgetting 7/4/18 || || Ranked #3 in Hatred 19/4/18 || "Promise me you'll never leave", She whispered into his ear, wrapped in his arms of lov...
  • youngadult
  • bokenheart
  • love
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BROKEN by _Crazy_Lunatic_
BROKENby _Crazy_Lunatic_
Ashley Crowther. 🔱🔱🔱 She's your average funny, fun-loving, no-nonsense, tomboy kind of girl with a past she's subconsciously forgotten about. She gets a transfer to...
  • broken
  • love
  • betrayal
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e m o t i o n s . by deadinsideyay
e m o t i o n s .by ➰
random angst??? [lowercase and punctuation intended] ©deadinsideyay 2018
  • freeverse
  • emotion
  • prose
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Depression.al Song Quotes  ♥︎  by itsmeCaroltyty
Depression.al Song Quotes ♥︎ by Ms. Anonymous
♥︎ My favorite quotes from a bundle of sad songs... itsmeCaroltyty 2016 ♥︎ (X) 100 Views () 5-10 Reads Per Chapter () 1-5 Votes Per Chapter (X) Completed ✔️ ♥︎
  • sadness
  • songs
  • depression
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Poems (and other random things) by snowflake-anime
Poems (and other random things)by snowflake
Oh god-
  • poetry
  • alone
  • poems
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Darkroom by klexknder
Darkroomby A
A collection of thoughts I wrote about based on moments and experiences.
  • moments
  • shortpoems
  • empty
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notes to ex-dearest. | poetry by thewordsmistress
notes to ex-dearest. | poetryby Marsh the Panda 🐼
❝I wrote all my heartaches into words.❞ A collection of short poetry and quotes originally written by me. This is to all of you who have had your dreams and hopes crushe...
  • relationships
  • feelings
  • freeverse
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72 Days to Death by imgivinguponmyself
72 Days to Deathby imgivinguponmyself
sometimes what you see isn't what you get - face the truth; or live in denial
  • wattys2018
  • friends
  • reality
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The Boy who stole her heart ✔ by San2045
The Boy who stole her heart ✔by S.V.Zanolli
*Runner Up for Best Epilogue 2016-17 *Winner of Best story plot by Excellence Awards Five Years ago they were best friends and then the inseparable love birds until dest...
  • bestfriends
  • jealousy
  • lust
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A distant memory  by Ajc5535
A distant memory by Ajc5535
A story about a boy who tries with all of his heart to face his past and take control of his memories. He has a very long road to take with fake friends from his past a...
  • lonelymemories
  • lost
  • sad
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