[Chapter Forty-Three] Addison

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       All this money can't buy me a time machine
                   Can't replace you with a million rings
              I should've told you what you meant to me
                         'Cause now I pay the price
                                In another life
                              I would be your girl
                            We'd keep all our promises
                            Be us against the world

                     The One That Got Away: Katy Perry

Chapter Forty-Three- Addison

When I sent that e-mail I knew they would be pissed off and I knew they would send a strongly worded message and call to yell at me, even if to them I couldn't talk.

The last thing I expected was for them to actually come down here, let alone the same freaking day, I honestly couldn't believe they were here and to say I was scared would be an understatement.

It was one thing to tell them I'm not coming home through a message but it's another thing when they actually came down here and for them to take time to do it, it meant they were determined to leave today, and not alone.

I didn't know if I had the strength to fight them on it, I didn't want to leave. With that message I knew it wouldn't be pretty for me when I came home, I knew I would get it, I knew my father would probably beat me and beat me good.

Hearing them yelling in there, and how my dad spoke to Auntie infuriated me. He talked about me like I was nothing and to him I was. The thing was, I was used to that, I've been nothing to him my whole life and I've accepted that, but to hear him disrespect her was another thing.

She was a good person, and I knew she knew how he was but it didn't make it okay for him to do that and In her own house, so when Liam said we should go I knew I had to go inside because he would only get worse and Uncle Ethan wasn't there.

My father was capable of a lot of things and if he treated his daughter like he did, god only knows how he would treat her if he didn't get his way.

I guess he went into law so he knew how to break it without getting caught.

The fear I felt when I saw them was more than I thought it would actually be, I thought that by standing up to them it would make it easier to face them but it did the opposite. I knew how angry they could get and I could judge it well in them and they were lashing out.

They were usually pretty good at keeping their composure even if they were thirty seconds from beating me, but this was worse, they couldn't even contain it so I knew that I've never seen them this angry, that terrified me.

Every time they told me to come and pack I said no. I didn't want to go especially after disobeying them in front of people and then my mother had the nerve to call me baby and act like I actually meant something to her.

I was pissed and about to tell her to get the hell out and never talk to me again, I was about to actually speak up, and then she mentioned the wedding and I froze.

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