[Chapter Thirty] Liam

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                               He felt that he was still groping in the dark;
                                          he had chosen his path but kept looking back,
                    wondering whether he had misread the signs,
                            whether he should not have taken the other way.
                       ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Chapter Thirty

Addie and I had hung out before; we had gone to the field, spent time at the pond and just lounged around together. I stay the night with her, and now it seemed that she was pretty comfortable with me touching her.

I can hug her, sleep with her, kiss her and hold her hand. She's okay when I'm hovering over her and she's fine lying on top of me. I don't know if there is anything appropriate I couldn't do with her.

 When she told me I was everything she could hope for, I fell for her more. I knew it was entirely possible to fall in love with her in the next month, and it would hurt like hell to lose her. I really wished that she would just stay; I didn't want her to go home.

I was afraid of what would happen to her and I was afraid that her ex would abuse her worse because of the absence. I knew her parents didn't care and I didn't know what I would do if she left.

She's an adult; I don't even know why she would go back. They have no legal right and she doesn't take me for the type to just go back for the money, she doesn't even seem to care about it unless it's to just spend it because it's theirs.

At the end of the movie, I took her to a different place to get dinner before we headed home.

"Are you staying tonight?" she asked and I nodded

"I'll be right back, I promise this time. Do you want Keisha?" I asked her and she smiled and nodded

"I'm going to go see Connolly, I'll be up soon if I'm not when you get there." I leaned in and kissed her before heading home.

It was like we were in a relationship, but not. Hell I wanted to be, but with the clock ticking down I knew where we stood there without having to ask her.

"Liam?" I heard my mom


"Heading back out?" she asked me and I went to find her in the living room

"Yeah I'm staying with Addie, I'll be up in the morning to help dad."

"Just be careful." She sighed

"Mom, we talked about this." I told her

"I know, but I just worry you know. You know, you look at her a hell of a lot like your father used to look at Me." she smiled to herself and I went up and hugged her and kissed the top of her head

"Don't be silly mom, dad still looks at you like you're his world." He did. My parents were so in love it was gross sometimes. There were some things kids didn't need to see and their parents making out in the kitchen is one of them.

 "Will I see you two for lunch and dinner tomorrow?" she asked me as I headed upstairs

"Yes, unless dad and I work through lunch."

"Then food will come to you." she shrugged, that was one thing I loved about my mother, there was no excuse not to eat. She made sure we were well taken care of.

I went upstairs and grabbed some clothes for bed and tomorrow, I really should just start leaving things over there, it would make it easier.

I grabbed Keisha and he didn't need me to show him where to go, I opened the door and he bolted upstairs leaving me to follow, like usual.

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