[Chapter Thirty-Nine] Addison

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           This is for the ones who stood their ground 
           For Tommy and Gina who never backed down 
              Tomorrow's getting harder make no mistake 
                         Luck ain't even lucky 
                        Got to make your own breaks

                          It's my life 
                       And it's now or never 
              I ain't gonna live forever 
                 I just want to live while I'm alive 
                        It's my life 
              My heart is like an open highway 
                    Like Frankie said 
                          I did it my way 
            I just want to live while I'm alive 
                          'Cause it's my life 

            Better stand tall when they're calling you out 
                       Don't bend,
                              don't break,
                        baby, don't back down 

                                      Bon Jovi- It's My LIfe

Chapter Thirty-Nine- Addison

That talk with Liam stuck with me. After he told me that we just laid down in the grass for a moment in silence. He was lost in his thoughts and I was wrapped up in mine too. I didn't know what to make of what he said.

I know that we were something more than friends, but i didn't know what that was exactly. Were we together? Was he mine to lose? Was I his? That right there was a whole set of complications for me.

I liked him, I liked him a lot. Maybe I even felt more than that but just wasn't ready to admit it. But my past relationships have been trial and error for which my parents picked out and every time they were assholes and I knew Liam wasn't like that but I had such negative association with relationships they freaked me out.

I've never been in one willingly before and it was just weird and new for me.

"Come on, let's jump." He stood up and broke the silence. I looked up and he had a hand stretched out for me. I took his hand like I always did because I trusted him and knew that he would always be there to offer it to me.

It was a lot different from the last time I jumped off here. Last time I was timid and scared and had pushed them off. It was one of my first times making contact with people and I was terrified inside as I jumped off the ledge.

"Ready?" he asked me and I nodded

"One, two" I counted and on three we both ran and jumped down into the lake below us. As we hit the water we dropped hands and kicked to the surface. The drop wasn't too high so we didn't go too far down.

"Kids, come on, it's dinner time." Auntie yelled and I splashed him once before swimming to shore. Swimming was another thing I did well; it didn't take multiple people to swim laps in a pool.

Through the rest of the day I smiled with my family and enjoyed being with them. We ate some burgers and played some more sports. When we tossed around a football and Liam had to show me how to throw it right, football was a sport I just wasn't good at.

Then we had a soccer rematch, which my team won again. It was fun going against Liam and with having no set rules really, Asher could pick up Kalila while she had the ball and steal it that was, it was a complete dirty move, but they made sure to return the gesture.

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