[Chapter Twenty-Six] Liam

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                   I have been impressed with the urgency of doing.
                                     Knowing is not enough;  
                                           we must apply.  
                                 Being willing is not enough;  
                                              we must do.  
                                                   ― Leonardo da Vinci

Chapter Twenty-Six - Liam

When her soft lips met mine my heart jumped, and when she kissed me back I felt desperate to kiss her more, be closer to her, and I thought she would push me away when I ran my tongue against her lip, but she shocked me when she parted them

When my tongue met hers I felt so much need for her in that moment, not sexual but just to be physically closer to her, and I kissed her until neither of us could breath

I didn't know what to say to her after that first kiss, so I just kissed her again, I didn't want her to regret it, and I was so afraid that she would, but I wanted to feel her against me again so I rolled us over and moved us closer together.

I never expected her to accept the kiss, and now that I was on top of her, body to body, feeling the slight flesh of her side under my fingers I felt my feelings for her deepen. I don't know how after everything she's been through that she could let me do this.

I thought by hovering over her it would freak her out but it seemed to do the opposite and calm her.

I could hear my phone ringing and ringing but I couldn't bother myself to care until it broke through who it could be, the one person that would call me that many times in a row. I grabbed it and talked to my mother before rushing back.

I didn't know what to say to her except the few words about the time, I felt shy around her now, I don't know why, but I did. I kept waiting for her to regret it, but there were no signs.

I knew everyone knew something was up when we got there, and I internally groaned, I was going to get a talk from my parents now, and that was going to be highly uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially from my mother.

At dinner I kept contact with her as much as I could and after we settled back into a weird silence when we did dishes, that was out punishment for being so late and not answering, all the dishes.

She looked so confused and uncomfortable and I couldn't help it any longer, I hated seeing her like that. She kept sneaking glances at me and so I pulled her aside and before she could speak I turned her and kissed her again.

I put my hand on the wall behind her and my other one on her hip, and when she put her arms around me is when I thought that I could really get used to this.

I massaged her tongue with mine, but I couldn't get enough of her especially when I knew that we only had a minute or so and I wanted to make it count. I blocked out everything around me because all that mattered right now was that after given a couple hours to think about everything, she was still kissing me again.

My heart seemed to stop when I heard someone clear their throat, and my worst fear was that it was a parent in the room and I was relieved to look over and see Kalila and Asher.

Well I'm not sure if I was relieved or not, they could be just as bad.

"So what's" Asher started

"Going on over here" Kalila finished

And here Addie and I were still frozen, I was still leaning down to her level and we were still chest to chest, well as much as we could be with the height distance and her arms were still around me. they were loser but still there and mine hadn't move much either.

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