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[Chapter One] Addison-

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So for the book, the italic with her talking, she's signing. 

And if it's bold, she's writing. 

I wish i knew another way to distinguish, but yeah.
Anything she says is signing, not actual words.

 I don't want to live, to waste another day, 
underneath the shadow of mistakes i've made
'Cause i feel like i'm breaking inside.
I don't want to fall, and say i lost it all
Because baby there's a part of me that hit the wall
Leavin' pieces of me behind
And i feel like i'm breaking inside. 

                              - Breaking Inside: Shinedown

Chapter One

The next morning, I felt like crap, I usually didn't sleep much, but this was a new low. I took my pills that keep me 'stable' and then pack the small pharmacy in one of my bags I was checking.

I went downstairs to see if anyone was home, and I found a note.


Use your card for whatever you need to get there and be there for the summer.

Don't waste my money.

 You better be on a plane by the time you mother and I get home.

I read that note over and over. Is it bad that it didn't hurt to hear they wanted me gone? Is it bad that I was honestly expecting a note like this?

As much as I hoped that my parents would magically change and start to love me, and actually treat me not only as a breathing person with a mind, but as their daughter, I knew that would never happen.

I thought about throwing the note away, but found myself stuffing it in my purse, maybe to remind me just why it is that I'm there. Beside the note was cash with a sticky note that said 'Cab Money'

The cab arrived for me; no doubt my parents did it, not because I couldn't but because they wanted to make sure I left by a certain time, lovely aren't they.

When the cab came, the guy got out helping me put my bags in, and I couldn't help but flinch away from him, the confused and slightly hurt look on his face made me feel horrible. It wasn't him; it was everybody, which is why I'm not looking forward to spending so much time in a crowded airport.

'I'm sorry' I mouthed and his eyes filled with sympathy. He didn't know what was wrong, just that something was, and he nodded and opened the door for me. Cab drivers are usually horribly rude, I was lucky to get this guy

"Where to miss?" he asked and I panicked.

He looked back at me, I asked him if he knew it, he made a gesture showing that he did, and I told him the airport.

He was a nice man, about thirty five I would say. He had kind eyes. He had dark brown reddish hair and light brown eyes. His trimmed beard-mustache combo and his hair had slight bit of grey growing in.

He talked the whole way there about his family, he has a wife and three children, and how he doesn't have to work, but he likes talking to random people and keeping busy. That and driving relaxes him.

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